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I have given every iota of my life to the Jedi. To forge them into the order you have the privilege of belonging to. I was fighting to keep the darkness at bay before you were even born. And now, the very order I have given all my life for has turned against me?―Beric Kanasur[src]

Beric Kansur was the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order during the cold war between the Galactic Alliance and the Sith-controlled Empire. He resigned as Grand Master in 1,011 ABY after a vote of no confidence against his leadership and Prime Envoy Bacilla Kane.[1]

The former Grandmaster went on a journey of self-discovery, keeping away from those who knew him. However, a year after he was forced to resign, he was located on Eriadu by Augustus Primus Leonus and Nero di Lacrima. The trio then began a hunt for the man they believed was Jhon Cordatus.


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