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Old Republic era

Prince Beren defied the Dark Council by studying the light side. After we found out that he had an affair with a Jedi Knight, we sent Lord Nox to infiltrate the Jedi Temple on Tython and end the Prince's life
—Darth Marr on Beren Gerthlin's death

Prince Beren Gerthlin was a Human male and former Sith Lord who served the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. A student of the light side, Beren was a Prince from the planet of Esleron in the Deep Core. The son of King Zaron Gerthlin and Queen Selana Thul, Beren was a member of the dynastic House Gerthlin, the secret lover of Jedi Knight Sarra Vandoor and the biological father of Captain Strove Vangasa.

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