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Berdan Ngajio Angantire was a mercenary, information broker, and spy-for-hire of Mandalorian descent.


Early years[]

Berdan was born into galaxy of conflict, and the fact that his father, Jegor Angantire, was a former member of the infamous Death Watch and had joined the Mandalorian Protectors under the rogue ARC Trooper Spar in the early Clone Wars didn't aid to a proper childhood. Berdan grew up in a small Mandalorian community on Aargonar, and although he didn't see his father often, he had a closer relationship to him than to his mother. Ovra Yrn was, unlike Berdan's father, not a Mandalorian. She was bartender at the tapcaf were the Mandalorians spent most of their evenings and nights, and so she got to know Jegor Angantire. They never married, a circumstance Mandalorians usually despise of, but since the community was consisting mainly of former Death Watchmen, few had problems with Jegor and Ovra having a child.

Berdan was barely six years old when, as the war was coming to a close, the Mandalorians were ambushed and his father was not among the few survivors. In a way, that event ended his childhood, since he lost not only one parent but two. His mother was so devastated by his father's death that she couldn't bare rising his child alone, so she gave him away to a befriended Togorian family and vanished from the boy's life. That day Berdan swore to revenge his father's death and make his murderers pay. His new family, who had adopted him with open arms, soon moved to Concord Dawn, as Aargonar itself was getting to feel the Clone Wars, but Berdan had a request for them: to retrieve his father's armor or what was left of it, to keep it as a memorial. But Norval II in the Kessel sector was still a hot zone and according to his Togorian parents too risky. The young boy had to comply, but he would return later.

The search for his father's armor[]

Although he got on well with his new family and his Togorian "brother" Atross, Berdan was only waiting for a chance to act and avenge his father's death. And shortly after his coming-of-age, the verd'goten, Berdan left his second family behind and started the search for his father's remains by stealing a ship from a local spaceport. He was fifteen, then, and it took him over a year to track down the armor, all that was left of his father, even though the war had officially ended and the former battlefields had cooled down. But in the Mid and Outer Rim, the underworld flourished as ever, and Berdan found himself having to deal with the brutal and reckless reality the galaxy truly was. His search started on Norval II, but apart from the information that all 100-odd Mandalorians had been taken of their possessions and had then been burned like a pile of firewood, there wasn't much to be found there. But Berdan was thorough and adamantly true to his goals, and on his path following the credits, he would all too often leave blood and ashes behind, just to find out who sold and who bought the armor to whom and from whom. A major problem was that the different armor parts had been sold to different people, since apparently nobody valued it as a whole. But after months and months of search, he had retrieved most of Jegor Angantire's handcrafted suit of armor, he was only missing one shoulderpad, the boots and one of the gloves. But from then on, Berdan would wear his father's armor every day, and that even though the chest and backplate both had a creditchip-sized blackened hole, where a Jedi lightsaber had pierced his father's heart. He was too vain to have at least the hole in the back protection fixed, which could only get him backstabbed with a bit of bad luck.

The hunt for his mother[]

But before he started to make his own living, there was another thing he had to do, first. The money he had inherited from his father was running out, so he had to settle that matter quick. He spent the next two years of his life tracking down the mother that had left him behind when he was still a kid. This venture was paved with more blood than even before, because with him running out of credits, he couldn't pay every potential informant. So he had to turn to other means of getting information out of people, and eventually, it worked. When he found his mother, he accused her of cowardice and being an aruetii, a traitor, and when she had no proper explanations at hand - not that he wanted any - he killed her in cold blood.

A life without proper goals[]

With that act, he finally settled his bloodlust for revenge. He had to thank the Empire for dealing with the Jedi, the true slayers of his father, what made him more loyal to the Empire than he would like to admit. In the years to come, he took the filthiest jobs in the underworld to earn some money, often contract killing of the dirtiest kind. He could also genuinely boast to have seen the inside of various dirty slams in the fiercer parts of the galaxy, although the escapes from them were seldom something more elaborate than riots and mass breakouts.

It was only when the first rumors of resistance movements surfaced that he decided to work for the Empire, at least indirectly. He worked both as active mercenary, information broker, and spy, doing as much as he could against those who were working against the Empire. In time, he also started to take more jobs directly from the Empire, even though they were oppressing and exploiting his "people", the Mandalorians. But Berdan never had truly seen himself as a Mandalorian, anyway, more as a Death Watchman like his father.

When the Rebel Alliance fully emerged, Berdan grew even more loyal to the Imperials and once even infiltrated a Rebel cell for a few months, gathering intel that lead to the destruction of that group. The main reason why he was so anti-Alliance was the fact that one of their decorated heroes was a Jedi. But when they managed to bring the Emperor from his throne, Berdan's determination crippled. Now it was the Empire that was falling into ruins, and his old hatred against the Jedi, and associated with that also the Republic, resurfaced. And seeing the Empire crumbling like the Republic finally made him see behind the lies of the Emperor. His wrath turned against the Empire now, which he criticized for their miserable failure, but that did not mean he had switched sides, he had just two sides to direct his efforts against, now. From then on, he would be a loner between both sides, working his best to bring both sides to fall, all too often by having to act as a double agent and luring both Empire and Rebels into a trap crafted by him...

Appearance and personality traits[]

Standing barely over 1,57 meters tall, Berdan wouldn't seem to make an impression in appearance, but he does. His muscle-packed and broad-shouldered build (although he doesn't have a six-pack, there's a hairy chest and a little bit of a pot-belly to see instead, thanks to all the ale) makes most people think twice before voicing jokes about his size, and those who do voice them won't be doing much voicing anymore afterward. His whole left torso, including upper arm, shoulder and a bit of his cheek and ear, are scored by burn scars from an explosion gone wrong, and his right eye sags a little bit thanks to a knife cut that nearly pierced his eye. He has greasy shoulder-length brown hair that he keeps braided most of the time, together with a finger-long disheveled goatee. The slightly reddish tone of his hair looks odd on his weathered skin that speaks of having seen a lot of sun. His low forehead is accompanied by a slight lantern jaw.

Over his father's dark orange battle-worn armor he wears a torn-off green poncho, under which a bandoleer full of incendiary and flechette grenades pokes out. Strapped to his thigh is a holstered disruptor pistol, and on the other side a short, curved vibrodagger. In addition to the thigh, knee and shin-guards of the armor, he wears military-issue combat boots. Slung over his shoulder is a small backpack, where keeps his helmet most of the time, since he's seldom to wear it. Although it's a Death Watch helmet, barely be seen even among Mandalorians, he only dons it when he has to hide or protect his face.

Berdan's appearance tells also much about his character. He is trigger happy, very temperamental, and when he speaks, he often strains his already gravelly voice with a bit too much droning. His dark sense of humor doesn't show very often, but his belligerent attitude does, and that all too often, what sometimes drives him into situations he regrets later, especially when he's drinking. But for a reckless man like him, that isn't a big worry. He curses a lot and in the most different and dirtiest languages, speaks with thick Concord Dawnian accent and has a little quirk to let his voice trail off before he finishes longer sentences, what has him sometimes repeat himself.

He doesn't have friends, he isn't a very social person, but few would want to hang out with him, anyway. He never gets closer to people than making acquaintances, and showing respect to only few. He hasn't seen his foster family since he left them, and although he sometimes had fun with Atross, his foster brother in his age, he never quite felt comfortable with them, maybe also because they were somewhat "alien", not only in terms of species.

He knows of the bad things his father has done, of his Death Watchman past, but idolizes him and tries his best to live up to him nonetheless. That is his only real goal in life, and to do his best to destabilize both would-be-governments in his private guerrilla war, especially trying to do something against Jedi.

He sometimes thinks it's ironic that some of his money is earned by dealing with information, since before that, he had dealt with getting information without the use credits.