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Benlder was a Miraluka Jedi During the Old Republic

I don't need to see you when I can smell you.

Benlder was a Jedi during the Old Republic


Early life



As Far as anyone knows Benlder Died during the formation of the new republic being one of the oldest Miraluka known to have existed, no one is sure how he survived for that long. Rumors and a holocron have suggested that when Benlder destroyed the Sith Emperor he gained the Emperors ability to extend his life.

Personality and traits

Powers and abilities

Benlder is well known for his use of lightsaber forms such as

  • Shii Cho
  • Djem So
  • Juyo
  • Soresu

he also uses Jar'Kai so he can duel wield light sabers. When it comes to his force abilities on the other hand Benlder loves to use the following all of which his masters thought it would take years to master.

  • Force Resistance
  • Telekinesis
  • Battle Precognition
  • Shatterpoint

Behind the scenes

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