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Ben Starkiller was a male Human Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order.


Fall to the Dark Side

Warlord of Tatooine

After the Fifth Jedi Civil War ended on 220 ABY, Ben Starkiller was saddened after the lost of his lover, brother, sister-in-law, and his friends were killed in the Battle of Coruscant. During the celebration on Coruscant, Ben fled from the order, and traveled to an unknown region of the galaxy. There, he traveled to Tatooine where he would remain an exile until he had plans to eliminate the Jedi and the Alliance. Ben slowly turned to the dark side and he blamed his uncle, his parents, his lover, and his brother for letting him down and failing to save them. His anger was too much to control until the spirit of Adam Antura appeared to him in vision, warning him to not take the dark path. Ben ignored his uncle and told him to go away since he realized that the dark side was his friend, and wanted so much to destroy the Jedi. Adam complied, and failed to save his nephew.

Turning to the dark side, Ben donned the wrappings of a Tusken Raider, and became a war leader of several Tusken clans where he forms an army to fight against settlements for control. He wanted to lead a private war against the Galactic Alliance. His leadership and skills honored the Tuskens, and they wanted to follow his path for control and freedom. The Tuskens became a feared fighting force again, reclaiming land they believed was rightfully theirs. Ben secretly targeted Mos Eisly, and led a raid towards the city, killing many innocent people. After the city was taken, and the survivors from the raid were forced to bow down to their war leader.

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