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Belaham was the capital city of the planet Maynus and one of the few areas to have fresh water after the Vandoid sickness. The city was split into three sectors: the Laronitis sector, the Gevorian sector, and the Noover sector. Belaham was under Maynian control until the Battle of Belaham, when the Gevorian rebels captured the city.

The city was considered a stronghold by both Gevorian and Maynians as it was entirely surrounded by the Lahari forest. Though it was the capital city for both governments, the first Gevorian leader, Grad Jacen Gevorian II, resided in Calahari, a small town near Belaham. After the Par government took control of Maynus, Belaham remained the capital, though the government expanded the city to a point where the forest was entirely removed. The Par also expanded the Belaham palace.


No danger, be it man or nature, shall ever strike this city!
Laronitis Torrav after Belaham was finished.

Belaham was constructed in 654 BBY after the water infected by the Vandoid sickness reached the Maynian capital of Cypris. The Maynian ruler at the time, Laronitis Torrav, chose the location due to the thick forest that surrounded them. During the Maynian rule, no additions were made to the city other than the renaming of the three sectors. The city remained unharmed until the Gevorian rebels, led by Jacen Gevorian, marched into the Lahari forest, attacking and defeating the Maynian army in what became known as the Battle of Belaham.

After the battle, the Gevorian ruler—Grad Jacen Gevorian II—declared that Belaham would remain the capital of the Gevorian empire, though he did not live in the palace, instead living in the nearby town of Calahari. After Jacen Geverian II's death, his successor, Jacen Gevorian III, took control of the government and moved into the Belaham palace. Under Gevorian III's rule, the city expanded to a point where they began removing the Lahari forest. The forest continued to surround the city, though it became thinner. The tradition of the Grad living in Belaham palace continued until the death of Noover Gevorian, the final Gevorian to have taken the title. After the assassination of Noover, the planet's citizens established the Par government, which took control of Maynus and ruled as a democracy in which the citizens voted on laws proposed by the Kaiser.

In the wake of a referendum proposed by the Par government and approved by the electorate, the city was expanded. The Par people cut down the remaining forest surrounding the city in order to clear the land necessary. They also removed the houses and buildings that had surrounded the former palace of the Gevorians; in their place, they built a large moat and planted trees to protect the incumbent Kaiser.


The Maynian government, under the command of Laronitis Torrav, built the city in the Lahari forest due to the nearby lakes and rivers being of pure water. Because of this, the city had three main sectors, each with a natural water source. The city was split in three sectors; in case one sector's water was re-infected, the city could close off the sector. The large forest also protected the Maynian army from rebels, such as the Gevorians. The location protected the city from attacks, but it also prevented inter-city trading. The lack of trade eventually caused the Par government to tear out the entire forest.

Laronitis sectorEdit

The Laronitis sector was named after Laronitis Torrav, a one-time leader of the Maynian people. Before Laronitis's death, the sector was known as the front sector as it was located at the front entrance of Maynus. The name was changed by his son, Ahra Torrav, his successor. He claimed the name change was to honor his deceased father. It was the largest of three sectors and was home to the Belaham Police Department, or BPD, though the police force had jurisdiction in all three sectors. The sector had the city's largest bar, the Yorksher bar.

During the civil war, Syle Torrav had a temporary prison built for Gevorian prisoners. He claimed to have built it to avoid traveling into the rear sector, where the crime rate had risen from the lack of police presence. Due to this, the Gevorian rebels were able to free their prisoners and not cross into the rear sector.

Gevorian sectorEdit

The Gevorian sector was the second-largest of the three sectors. Before being named the Gevorian sector, it was known as the middle sector and then the Syle sector, receiving its final name after Jacen Gevorian II took the role of Grad. The most notable building in the sector was the Belaham palace, where the leaders of Maynus resided during their rule. Unlike the other two sectors, the Gevorian sector had two medium-sized lakes that were located at opposite sides of the sector.

After the Gevorians took control of the city, the sector began to host residents of upper classes, including Jacen Gevorian III. The sector had the lowest crime rate of the three sectors during the Gevorian era, as most of the Grad's personal guards patrolled the sector. After the Par gained control of the city, the government proposed to change the sector's name, but the proposition was not passed; opponents of the name change stated that the Gevorian principles had worked for a time and the sector name honored that era.

Noover sectorEdit

The Noover sector was named after the final Grad of the Gevorian era. The only other name the sector had gone by was the rear sector. It was the smallest sector and had the highest crime rate, housing the Belaham Corrections Institute, also known as the Belaham prison. The sector had a single small lake which was not Vandoid infected but contained low amounts of Human waste. This caused sickness throughout the sector's residents, who were those who could not afford to live in the other sectors. The sector was named after Noover Gevorian by the Par government, who said that he demonstrated the issue of a monarchy.


During the Maynian era, the city remained civil under the leadership of the Torrav family. The Maynian people were isolationist in nature until the leadership of Syle Torrav, whose aggressive laws and attitude towards failure resulted in the civil war. During the Gevorian rule of the planet, the city became less isolated, though the forest prevented many from leaving or returning. The only known citizen to do so was Jacen Gevorian II, who lived in a nearby city but traveled to Belaham for meetings or celebrations; Gevorian staff claimed that Jacen traveled underground through a series of tunnels. During both the Maynian and Gevorian era, there was no tourism as traveling through the Lahari forest would cause travelers to get lost or die from the poisonous plants or animals.

After the Par government took control and the forest was eliminated, tourism became more accessible. Those who traveled to Belaham remained in the first two districts, the Laronitis sector and the Gevorian sector, though most stayed in the former, as it had more bars and restaurants. The bar that made the most money was the Yorksher bar, as it was considered by tourists to be the most friendly.

Behind the scenesEdit

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