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The Bei-Korr conflict, sometimes referred to as the Bei-Korr Crisis or the Black War by Bei-Korr citizens, was a war that occurred roughly around 10 ABY when the Republic exploration ship Eurek was captured by the Bei-Korr Confederacy. The confederacy declared war upon the New Republic finding the Eurek's orbit above Bei-Korr Prime as a sign of aggression.

The Bei-Korr Confederacy furthered their assault by planting espionage units and sleeper cells throughout the Republic planets, including Adresteia, Coruscant, Naboo and many others. Through their espionage tactics, the Confederacy was able to not only gain information about the New Republic but influence political figures throughout the Republic. Confederate influence allowed for the Coruscant massacre to take place in the upper levels of the city. Following the massacre, the Republic began to organize troops and starships to begin an assault on the Bei-Korr system.

The Bei-Korr Confederacy began to blockade Outer Rim Republic planets around the Shei-Don blockade, commanded by Admiral Shei-Don Hatson. The blockade restricted trade throughout the Outer Rim planets and made travel dangerous. In 15 ABY, the blockade was destroyed during various battles in the Outer Rim. After the blockade was broken the Republic, had a clear shot into the Bei-Korr system. To prevent a second blockade, the Republic invaded Dremva Dovus, the Confederacy's main shipyard. After the confederate defeat at Dremva Dovus, the Republic forces pushed through to Bei-Korr Prime, desecrating the planet and establishing it as an Outer Rim territory. The Bei-Korr species rarely traveled out of their system, still harboring hate towards the Republic. The angered Bei-Korr species would later overthrow their Republic overlords and create the Bei-Korr Empire, which would span star systems and wage a stressful war against the Republic for independence.

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