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Sophia: This Geonosian must stay alive. Do whatever you can and repel the Empire. They do not deserve him

Madison: Don't worry, we have the Empire handled
—Sophia McLaren talking to Madison Fox about the importance of this mission

Battle over Mustafar was a space conflict between the McLaren Confederacy and the Galactic Empire. It was meant to be a simple mission to eliminate all CIS forces on Mustafar for the Empire, but the McLaren Confederacy soon learned of the CIS resistance and chose to claim it as its own. Lead by the McLaren Confederate Head of State, Victoria Price, and Fleet Admirals Madison Fox and Glory Neal, the McLaren Confederate Air Force battled with the Imperial Navy in a head-on dogfight.


As soon as it was decided to sign the McLaren Confederate Declaration, the Separatist Council was found important. Once their capture, the CIS was officially under the control of the McLaren Confederacy. However, not all CIS members surrendered and this caused the call for a complete subjugation in the form of search and retrieve.

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