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{{Battle |prev= |conc= |next=Skirmish over Yusders[1] |name=Battle of Yusders |image=Battle of Yusders |conflict=Clone Wars[1] |date=21 BBY[1] |place=Yusders[1] |result=Republic victory, Hak Rasnune captured, Kil Tylkris retrieved[1] |side1=Confederacy of Independent Systems[1] |side2=Galactic Republic[1] |commanders1=Hak Rasnune[1] |commanders2=*Chaflan Matcota[1]

The Battle of Yusders occurred on the planet Yusders in 21 BBY. The objective of the battle was to destroy the Yusders Separatist Prisoner of War Camp, retrieve Kil Tylkris from the camp, and to capture Hak Rasnune, the Neimoidian leader of the camp. The battle was carried out by Chaflan Matcota and his legion of clone troopers, commanded by CC-9909. The battle ended exactly how the Republic wanted, albeit with more casualties than they had planned.[1]


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