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The Battle of Yin was an engagement of the Great Liberation. The Golden Empire successfully defended Yin from invasion by the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob, though at great cost.

Tasked with protecting critical Royal systems, Keltrayu volunteered to lead the defense of Yin while Rin and Tariun Sakaros prepared defenses for other systems and arranged evacuations. Having been thwarted once before at Yin, all three leaders expected the Tetrarchy would try again with the momentum of Hudrel and Tershin behind them. Commanding from aboard the Star Destroyer Assassin, Keltrayu arrived only a day before the Tetrarchy fleet.

Vuul commanders had advised Keltrayu on the disperal of his forces, and he was able to come at the attacking fleet from multiple angles at once. Risking death, he had the Assassin drive directly into the heart of the enemy fleet, backed by a pair of battle cruisers. All three ships were heavily damaged, but the enemy flagship was destroyed, and in the resulting chaos two more capital ships went down. Cutting his losses, the senior Tetrarchy captain assumed command and ordered a retreat.

Battles of the Great Liberation
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