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The Battle of Taris, known to the Dark Order of Korr as the Deployment on Taris, was the second engagement of a terror campaign by the Dark Order and its Imperial Remnant fleet. After the success of the campaign's first attack on Coruscant, the Dark Order followed up with a raid on Taris, another heavily populated world. Operation Dark Disease's intent was to allow a carrier vessel known as the Infector to deploy extremely deadly battle droids, known as dark troopers, onto an enemy planet surface, where they would massacre civilians and any other resistance, spreading terror throughout Republic space.

The Battle

The Infector was again accompanied by an escort armada, consisting of Imperial I and II-class Star Destroyers, Victory-class Star Destroyers, Nebulon-B frigates, and Tartan-class patrol cruisers. The defending New Republic fleet was composed of MC80 Liberty and Defiance-class Star Cruisers, Mark I Assault Frigates, and Marauder-class corvettes. Their fighters and bombers consisted of T-65 X-wings, RZ-1 A-wings, and B-wing starfighters.

The Imperial fleet dispatched Assault Gunboats and V38 Assault Fighters, which engaged the Republic X-wings and A-wings. Due to the superior speed of the A-wings, the Imperial fighters were at a disadvantage. Before long, the Republic ships broke through, accompanied by squadrons of B-wing fighters. Along with several assault frigates, they engaged the front Imperial lines, destroying several corvettes. Although the Imperial gunboats managed to disable one of the frigates, they were soon backed up by MC80 Star Cruisers, who bombarded the area.

Due to the formation of the Imperial armada in rows of capital ships, putting space between enemy vessels and the Infector, most of the Star Destroyers were unable to attack the enemy fleet. Using this to their advantage, the New Republic capital ships heavily damaged four of the lead Victory-class destroyers. Although two managed to escape into hyperspace, the other two were demolished and the row of capital ships behind them were forced to replace them. Instead, the majority of the Star Destroyers and corvettes pulled back to protect the Torpedo Sphere, which moved closer to the Republic fleet. It then bombarded the assault frigates with waves of proton torpedoes, dealing heavy damage. The frigates returned fire, but were unable to inflict shield damage before being destroyed. The rest of the Republic fleet was also unable to break through the Imperial fleet to attack the sphere directly.

At this point, the Infector and several escorting capital ships broke off from the main formation and closed in on Taris. Several assault frigates and Marauder-class corvettes moved to intercept, but waves of Assault Gunboats disabled several of them with coordinated attacks of torpedoes and ion cannons. V38 Assault Fighters, launched from the Infector, managed to defend against incoming fighters as the carrier ship launched its dark trooper capsules, deploying one hundred dark troopers onto the planet surface in two waves of fifty troopers each. With their mission completed, the Imperial fleet quickly fled into hyperspace.

Meanwhile, the dark troopers ravaged the area where they landed and killed a large amount of civilians. The New Republic soldiers, with less anti-armor weaponry than the troops on Coruscant, were almost completely unable to combat the droids. Although the dark troopers inflicted very high casualties, they were eventually overcome by numbers, as they had been on Coruscant.


By the end of the battle, the Torpedo Sphere had destroyed five Calamari Cruisers. Though the Imperial fleet lost several Star Destroyers, the dark troopers performed just as efficiently on Taris as they did on Coruscant, ripping through unprepared Republic infantry and killing numerous civilians. Even when reinforcements arrived, the fighting continued on and cost many Republic soldiers their lives. Meanwhile, the Republic was facing severe political turmoil while Supreme Commander Dagmar Morlev continued planning the destruction of the Infector. Although his plans were nearing completion, more information about the fleet movements of Operation Dark Disease were required. Therefore, he ordered the assembling of a team of Republic commandos for a covert insertion onto the Dark Order-controlled planet of Bakura, where they were to capture an Imperial communications outpost and attempt to ascertain the Infector's next heading from there.

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