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The Battle of Schesa was an engagement of the Vagaari War, though it was sometimes counted as part of the Chiss Rebellion. It took place at Schesa in 142 ABY.

The Prime Fleet of the Golden Empire met and engaged a superior force of ships of the Vagaari Empire. Within half an hour of battle, the two groups were accosted by a third force, a remnant of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force sallying out from The Redoubt. Having expected to surge into the weakened Empire and retake the Chiss Ascendancy, the CEDF forces were instead pulled into battle, fighting against both sides.

Though now in even greater danger, Tariun Sakaros managed to position his ships in retreat position to get the Chiss and Vagaari almost side-by-side. As they fought each other for secure positioning, the Royal fleet went back in and managed to destroy or disable the flanks of both fleets. The Vagaari withdrew and the CEDF, reduced to barely a fifth of its starting force, limped back to the Redoubt. The Empire held the space at Schesa, but its own casualties and damage to the Prime Fleet led its commanders to consider the victory pyrrhic.

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