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The Battle of Sanduluc, often called the Conquest of Sanduluc, was a brief campaign in 124 ABY which saw the Golden Empire conquer Human-dominated Sanduluc and incorporate the planet into the Empire.

When the Empire's Armada arrived at Sanduluc, there was no central government with which to negotiate. The planet was composed of a number of corporate-controlled states and disparate republics, each of which feuded with the others regularly. Two-thirds of the planet was actively engaged in war. Failing to even assemble an international delegation to negotiate terms, Queen Rin Sakaros lost patience with the situation and authorized her brother Tariun to invade.

The nations of Sanduluc had existed in states of distrust at the best of times and open warfare often, and consequently had little practice cooperating. By contrast, the Royal Army was well-trained, and by 124 ABY still featured veterans of the Great Liberation, as well as the more recent battles of Waldragos and Harth Gool. Sakaros personally led the ground assault, assisted by Sato Raltharan and accompanied by Kieran Sapphire.

Combined with selective orbital bombardment of military facilities, Sanduluc fell quickly. Civilian casualties occurred in hotly contested areas, though neither side targeted civilians intentionally. Within a week of the initial touchdown, the major armies had been defeated and the nations of Sanduluc all individually surrendered. Rin installed a Royal Consul over the planet and left a garrison to keep order during the transition period.

During the battle, Tariun Sakaros found and recruited Breek Zagrev into the Order of Keltrayu.

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