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|name= The Battle of Saleucami


|image= [[File:Saleucami.jpg]]

|conflict= [[Clone Wars]]

|date= [[21 bby]]

|place= [[Saleucami]]

|result= [[The Galactic Republic]] loses Saleucami to the [[Separatists]], but manages to capture and kill Separatist Captain Dolfus Phines, and defeat [[Count Dooku]] temporarily.


|side1= [[The Confederacy of Independent Systems]]

|side2= [[The Galactic Republic]]



|commanders1= [[Count Dooku]] Dolfus Phines

|commanders2= [[Agen Kolar]] S'vea Raker Commander Argon



|forces1= *[[B1 battle droid]]s<ref name="GI" />

*[[B2 super battle droid]]s<ref name="GI" />

|forces2= *[[Clone trooper]]s<ref name="GI" />



|casual1= Commander Dolfus Phines

Many Battle Droids

Many Super Battle Droids

|casual2= Clone Captain Argon

Many Clone Troopers




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