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The Battle of Ommol was the final battle of the Great Liberation. Refusing to accept the surrender of the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob following the Battle of Mezlagob, Tetrarchy loyalists rallied what remained of the Tetrarchy fleet at the military depot world of Ommol and prepared a resistance at the heavily fortified world. The Golden Empire rallied a massive attack force to batter the planet into submission and wipe the Tetrarchy out forever.

The space battle at Ommol was over quickly. With nearly twice the number of ships as the Tetrarchy fleet (and several much larger ones), backed by Rin Sakaros's Battle Meditation, Tariun Sakaros allowed his forces to simply mow through the Tetrarchy lines. Redblade Squadron was used to cut apart three successive waves of fighters, taking out key lines in the formations and throwing the rest into disorder. When the Redblades drew fire and pursuit, Tariun ordered them to retreat, then used the Sith Star and a pair of Iscandar-class frigates as cover for a Marg Sabl which threw the entire Tetrarchy attack into disorder.

Ultimately, thirty-nine of the Tetrarchy ships were destroyed and another fifteen forcibly captured. With space clear, Tariun ordered a ground assault, led by the 11th Massassi Cohort and assisted by Centurion Aquila Corcer. The fighting on the ground was bloody, and several gunships were blasted out of the sky before they could even land. Corcer led two Massassi Cohorts in an attack on a shield generator, successfully bringing down that quadrant's planetary shield at the cost of thousands of lives on both sides.

With a hole in the planet's defenses, Tariun opened fire, bombarding any military target of opportunity with turbolasers. The Sith Lord also targeted infrastructure such as bridges, power stations, and communication relays, accepting some number of civilian casualties in order to interfere with ground coordination among the enemy. Battle droids were unable to effectively communicate with one another, leaving them isolated in their particular engagements rather than carrying on a cohesive strategy.

The bloody capture of Ommol's capital did not end the fighting, but it allowed the Empire to deactivate the planet's shields. Tariun ordered his forces back and ruthlessly blasted the Tetrarchy lines to ash until a Lieutenant Colonel, now the highest-ranking officer left alive, finally surrendered. Rin was inclined to wipe them all out as punishment for their initial defiance, but was convinced by her brother and other commanders to round up the surrendering soldiers instead so as to spare her own forces the casualties they would incur by fighting street-to-street for control of the planet. Nevertheless, many military officers and senior enlisted personnel responsible for carrying on the battle were executed in the following days.

The capture of Ommol ended organized resistance by the Tetrarchy and was considered by later historians to be the conclusion of the war.

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