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The Battle of Obroa-skai was a battle in the Otherspace War, as a part of Operation Shadow Hunt. It was the second time a Charon suicide raid was thwarted by Core Systems Alliance forces.

The attacker's target in this operation was the orbital refinery above Obroa-skai. After leaving Otherspace, the Charon ship entered hyperspace to reach realspace. While in the middle dimension, CSA hypersensors (devices used to detect objects in hyperspace) detected an unidentified object approaching the Obroa-skai System. Believing that this ship may have been an enemy vessel, the CSA's military was put on high alert. Taking advantage of the latest breakthrough in interdiction technology, the CSA fleet based in the Hapes System was able to generate an artificial gravity well to protect the threatened world from lightyears away. The attacking starcruiser was pulled of hyperspace and was met by the Obroa-skai planetary defense force. The attackers put up a brief resistance before surrendering to be boarded. As at Sluis Van, the boarding party discovered a crew which was mostly Charon, with a handful of Weequays.

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