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The Battle of Neimoida was fought during the Bane Crisis between the Disciples of Bane and the Trade Federation. It was fought above Neimodia and resulted in a defeat for the Disciples.

Lead up to the battle

Galepius's plot

Following the Disciples defeat at Korriban, Darth Galepius had taken his few remaining followers into hiding. After six years of waiting, he had gathered a force large enough to be a threat to the Republic.

After establishing a new base on Eriadu, Galepius decided that to crush the Republic, he would first cripple the Trade Federation, thus cutting the Republic off from the Core. He then sent agents to assassinate the Trade Federation Directorate, but this was only partially successful and only four of the nine were killed. Galepius then launched an attack on the Trade Federation force of lightly defended ships above Neimodia.

Cerulian's mission

Meanwhile, Jedi Thame Cerulian had tracked his enemy Darth Sharka to the planet and together with a team of Jedi, he went after him, hoping to avenge his apprentice Seth Khaleb. Sharka hid on the planet's surface, so the Jedi were forced to sneak past the Federation force.

The Jedi group included Cerulian, his old master Nin and Nin's former apprentice Desk Badron. Cerulian's apprentices Dooku and Leatre were also there as well as Dooku's apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn. Cerulian's friends Desdemon Charel, Sabdul Kharsh and Charel's apprentice Jared Flire were also there. Fellow knights Gangru Morpir, his apprentice Tyrel Kee, and Sarphira Tan and Jombe Pescal also went on the mission with them.

The battle

Space battle

As five of the Directorate had survived, there was no chaotic split in the Trade Federation as Galepius had hoped. Instead, the five members managed to rally as many ships as they could to defend the planet, and themselves. So when Galepius's force arrived, he was met by a Federation armada.

Even though the Trade Federation ships were only lightly defended, they were heavily armed, allowing them to withstand Galepius's assault with little damage. They were even powerful enough to withstand collisions with smaller ships, so some commanders used them to ram the Disciples support cruisers.

Faced with this vast force and the threat of the imminent arrival of a Republic fleet, Galepius withdrew.

Cerulian's death

Cerulian and his team of Jedi confronted Sharka in the palace of one of the leaders on Neimodia who was protecting Sharka. The Jedi attacked, defeating the private army sent against them and engaging Sharka. However, they were unaware that Sharka possessed a Sith artifact known as XoXaan's Glove that enhanced his powers and that Morpir was actually working with Sharka and had warned Sharka of the Jedi's arrival giving Sharka the edge on his adversaries.

Sharka used his dark side powers to take Qui-Gon, Pescal, Gangru and Tyrel out of the fight before engaging the other Jedi. He badly wounded Desdemon and killed her apprentice Jared as he rushed to protect her. Sarphira Tan was also killed, and Dooku was knocked out by a piece of masonry and Nin was wounded.

Sharka managed to kill Desk, leaving Thame, Leatre and Kharsh to take him down. They fought into the power room where Sharka decapitated Kharsh, just leaving the other two to fight him. However,in one final move, Thame stabbed Sharka in the throat, ending his life.

As Thame and Leatre looked over Sharka's body, they were confronted by Xethyr, Sharka's personal bodyguard. Engaging in a massive fight, Xethyr quickly killed Leatre before Thame stabbed him through the stomach, badly wounding him. Xethyr then stabbed Thame repeatedly in the neck with his sword, killing the Jedi before barely escaping to his ship and fleeing.


Galepius's defeat at Neimodia was regarded as an utter disaster, although he had suffered few losses, the Trade Federation had taken less. However, this only delayed him as within a couple of months his forces attacked Strageus and Rodia and other worlds, sparking the final campaign of the Bane Crisis. If he had managed to destroy the Trade Federation, the loss of resources for the Republic may have turned the tide of the war.

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