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The Battle of Muunilinst was an episode of Borgia’s war of ascension, fought in 130 ABY.

General Rhylif Darkia had become acting moff of the sector formerly known as Imperial Space and sent to gain control of Muunilinst. As Borgia moved through Imperial Space (en route to the Battle of Yaga Minor), the Muuns closed their gates to him. Roused by their hostile actions, he commenced a siege against Muunilinst. He also placed Captain Jay Cyneus in charge of his space fleet there.

In late 130 ABY, Borgia’s ships, which were more skillfully built than those of the Muuns but outnumbered, were defeated in a space battle.

Commander Molif Archway, one of Borgia’s officers, conducted the siege using a variety of siege machines and calling in orbital bombardment from the fleet under Captain Cyneus.

Commander Naylan, due to his lack of skill in fleet combat inadequately guarded the Nailicis Straits, allowed Admiral Corka Zarvold to bring more forces to the aid of Darkia. He fought a second naval battle with Captain Cyneus, but withdrew defeated and sailed for a safe port.

The Muuns valiantly defended against the siege machines and works. They threw down burning pitch and pine-shavings and the Eriaduans undermined the foundations of their city walls. At one point they seemed likely to surrender and declare a truce, but at night they cunningly destroyed the siege works in a gross violation of the treaty. They were then near surrender.

At the final surrender of Muunilinst, Borgia showed leniency.

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