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The Battle of Malastare was a battle in the Otherspace War above Malastare. The engagement was crucial in that it provided a link between the forces of the Charon Death Cult and the Weequay Terror Army.

Before the Battle

Defense of Malastare

Since the defense of Malastare's new shipyards was considered to be a high priority, a formidable task force was sent by the Bespin Treaty Association to guard against a potential attack. The force was highly advanced and included a powerful Lintttq-class dreadnaught and the elite 6th Marine Division.

Charon Adjustments

Following their early successful attacks, the efficiency of the Death Cult's operations began to fade. This was attributed to a number of factors, including the loss of the element of surprise, technological inferiority and the selection of predictable and heavily defended targets. As a result, the Charon would suffer a number of defeats which began to uncover some of the mysteries surrounding the group. In addition, the leaders of the death praising movement would begin to plan for a new stage in the war, utilizing a different set of tactics. At the same time, many, including the Prophet of the Void, felt it was also important to stay on the offensive. To do so, it was decided that the same general strategy from the war's preliminary stage would be used, with a number of modifications. In an attempt to correct the flaws from past engagements, two major problems were addressed. First, previous attacks only featured one suicidal star cruiser, which if detected and pulled from hyperspace, stood little chance against the stronger fleet which would be waiting for it. Second, after the cruiser was disabled, it would be boarded by enemy forces who overwhelmed the crew of the ship. The latter problem was addressed by arming the ship's members with the Weequay Terror Army's X-4 rifles, which would make things more difficult for the boarding party. The other problem presented a dilemma for the cult's leaders. The obvious solution to the issue would be to attack in groups to fend off the enemy fleet. However, this would absorb resources from the future war plans, which would call for massive assaults on the galaxy's worlds. In the end, a compromise was struck in which 4 Otherspace-class star cruisers would be sent on the mission to Malastare.

The Battle Over Malastare

The Charon task force would be pulled from hyperspace by the gravity well projector of the Lintttq-class dreadnaught. In the resulting battle, the BTA fleet attempted to carry out it's orders to disable the attacking fleets. However, this would not prove to be easy, as the Ckor Punho would be destroyed by an Otherspace cruiser which rammed into it. While most of the crew escaped, it was the most destruction caused by the Charon in a naval engagement to this point. Despite this achievement, the technological and numerical advantage it faced would be too much for the Death Cult's small fleet to overcome, as the remaining three vessels would be disabled. Soon after this occurred, the Marines were prepared to board and engage the enemy.

Intense Firefights and a Crucial Discovery

Armed with their new weapons, the crews of the Charon vessels put up a fierce ressistance, killing 47 Marines in total. Eventually, however, the boarding parties would emerge victorious and make a discovery which would remove most of the doubt concerning the alliance of the Charon and Weequay. When the fighting had subdued, the distinctive looking X-4 rifles were spotted. As a piece of equipment used almost exclusively by the Weequay Terror Army, it served as substantial evidence in proving a partnership between the two hostile organizations.


The Battle of Malastare would mark the end of Operation Shadow Hunt, as after the fighting the Charon began to plan their new strategy. Much of the mystery surrounding the new threat to the galaxy had been cast away but there were still many questions to be answered. In addition, the fight had been the most deadly military struggle of the war to this point, although it would pale in comparison to the conflict's later battles.

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