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The Battle of Infamous Fallen was a conflict which occured between the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, allied with the local natives, the Trandoshans.


Following the Separatist assault on Infamous Fallen, the Hutt Cartel lost a vital planet in Hutt Space to the Confederacy. In retaliation, the Hutts requested help from the Galactic Republic in taking the planet back.

The battleEdit

The Republic forces awaited the signal of the loyalist Trandoshan, Esa Mulita, which was hired by the Hutts to help recapture the planet. Esa was tasked with leading the Hutt mercenaries against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the traitorous Trandoshans.

Esa sent a signal from his ship, the Shadow Hunter, to Admiral Norven Loyaler's fleet, which had been prepared to invade in the meantime. Esa eventually signed for the fleet to come, followed by the arrival of Republic forces in the system, preparing to engage the numerous Confederacy ships in orbit of the planet.

Republic forces arrived in the system, immediately making way to Infamous Fallen to have some sort of hidden stealth status. The Confederate vessels however detected the Republic ships nearing, and entered battle formation, which soon followed with the Norven following example, and entering formation as well.

Soon, the battle emerged between the two fleets, with various Acclamator-class landers and Munificent-class frigates going down first, soon followed by larger warships like the Venator-class Star Destroyers and the Providence-class carrier/destroyers.

The Valiants remained largerly on the background, being starfighter carriers after all. The Valiants eventually joined the larger battle with their own weaponry, effectively gaining the upper hand in battle. Following this, many more Confederate warships started to fail.

In the meantime, Esa took his ship and the mercenaries to infiltrate Khrussk's flagship, the Invincible. Esa dogfighted enemy Vulture droids, eventually managing to reach the hangar of the ship, landing inside it.

Esa and his mercenaries moved to the bridge in order to secure Khrussk's plans. Khrussk, which found out about the incident, had prepared his droids, B2 Super Battle Droids, along with Droidekas, to combat Esa and his mercenaries on their way to the bridge.

Esa was intercepted by the destroyer droids, which were much faster than him and managed to push him back to the hangar. Esa, realizing he couldn't possibly make it to the bridge, fleed to the Shadow Hunter, and quickly fleed the Invincible, retreating back to the Republic vessels.

The Republic starships managed to destroy the enemy fleet, which soon resulted in the land invasion of the 666th Elite Legion to reclaim the planet. The 666th was soon joined Esa, which led his mercenaries to infiltrate the Separatist ground base to recover the data they were originally supposed to.

The 666th, led by CC-6666 committed a full frontal assault against the Separatist base, which were joined by the planetary Trandoshans. Esa used this as a distraction to infiltrate in the Separatist base. Admiral Khrussk, in the meantime had departed from space, fleeing with only the Invincible and few other ships left.

Esa successfully infiltrated the base, and immediately patched through secret data of the Separatists, erasing it before the Republic could have it. Esa then joined the Republic clones to finish of the remainder of the Separatist forces, before claiming the planet as Hutt ground again.


Following the battle the Hutts acquired secret data about the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which they refused to share with the Galactic Republic at the time. Esa Mulita had following the battle retreated from public, due to his recent involvement with stealing from the Separatists.