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The Battle of Hudrel was a major engagement of the Great Liberation and a disastrous defeat for the Golden Empire. It began a pushback by the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob that forced the Empire back to the Romasi sector and nearly toppled it until the Empire reversed its fortunes at Tizgo V.

Planning the assault

Having captured Wemod and a number of other rebellious Tetrarchy systems in the Xoquon sector, Rin Sakaros wished to press her advantage and strike the Tetrarchy again to keep it disoriented and on the defensive. Attacks on Mezlagob and Ommol were ruled out immediately, as they were too well-defended. Rin and her brother and foremost general Tariun Sakaros argued about the strategy, but Rin and Keltrayu eventually convinced him to endorse the idea.

The trio and their Iscali and Massassi deputy commanders settled on a strike at Hudrel, another major Tetrarchy world and its largest droid foundry. Distributing many key ships to hold the line in the Xoquon sector, Rin took the rest to attack Hudrel.

Tetrarchy triumphant

When the fleet decanted from hyperspace, it faced off against a defensive force nearly twice its own size, led by Mezzel Admiral Garyth Quorr. The Royal fleet had several ships much larger than anything the Tetrarchy could field, including two Star Destroyers and the multi-kilometer Sith Star. However, many others were outdated Sith craft or small patrol corvettes and frigates. The Tetrarchy fleet had smaller craft, but most were battleships and heavier cruisers.

Quorr's use of defensive screens and overlapping lines of battle stymied the ability of the Royal fleet to carve a hole in the enemy formation. The two Star Destroyers were responsible for four of the nine Tetrarchy ships destroyed, but the Tetrarchy retaliated with focused fire that overwhelmed and destroyed the Star Destroyer Overlord. Having already lost thirteen ships before that, Tariun ordered a general retreat. Three more ships were lost before the Royal fleet escaped to hyperspace.


Tariun felt in retrospect that Rin's Battle Meditation was the only thing that kept the defeat from becoming a rout, particularly in the wake of the Overlord's destruction. More Tetrarchy personnel had died than would have without Rin's Forceful assistance, but the defeat was a major setback for the Empire. Forced to retreat to the Romasi sector, the Empire lost ground as the Tetrarchy pressed its advantage, recapturing the Xoquon sector and taking several Royal systems as well.

Quorr's victory over the Empire was hailed throughout the Tetrarchy, and he was awarded the Tetrarchy's highest military decorations.


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