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Chiss era

The Battle of Hapes was a large military conflict between the Hapes Consortium, joined by the Federation of Free Planets, against Dark Reach. The Hapes Consortium was destroyed in the aftermath of the battle, with the Federation losing the battle.


Following the Hapans' attempted intervention during the battle of Coruscant, Darth Cyrus decided to target the Federations' new allies, starting with the Hapes Consortium.

The battle

Several Dark Reach warships left hyperspace in the Hapes Cluster, immediately engaging the stationary defense forces, most notably the CDS-1 defense systems. The Dark Reach vessels split up under the command of Darth Cyrus, effectively dividing up the targets of the defense systems, allowing the Dark Reach vessels to surround the defense platforms and effectively obliterating them in space.

The Hapan vessels very soon moved into position, which were however outdated and small, a large enough fleet to inflict some damage to the Dark Reach vessels. Realizing they wouldn't have enough ships, the Hapans called upon the Federation of Free Planets, which on its turn called upon the Trandoshan Hegemony, as both governments prepared to send forces to Hapes.

The Federation's naval forces arrived before the Trandoshan Hegemony's naval forces, and swiftly moved to defend Hapes. The Federation, which recieved a major blow after Coruscant, was weakened, sending only a small portion of ships to aid.

Soon, the Trandoshan ships emerged from hyperspace, which seemed to be at an equal number as the Federation. The Trandoshan ships, commanded by Crassk, moved onto Hapes to defend it as well.

With Federation and Trandoshan back up, the Hapans had more hope to stand a chance against Dark Reach, even though most of the Hapan crew members had already lost morale prior to the Federation and Trandoshan intervention.

Several Dark Reach ships, outflanking the Hapan, Federation and Trandoshan war vessels, started to bombard the surface of Hapes. Obliterating several hundreds of buildings in mere seconds, several Hapan captains fleed, hoping to join Dark Reach.

Many Hapan ships lay in ruins, while others joined Dark Reach and yet others fleed, leaving few Hapan ships, joined by the remaining Federation and Trandoshan ships, having taken a beating as well. Trandoshan and Federation forces started to plot their withdrawal from the battle.

With the Hapan infrastructure almost entirely destroyed, the government of Hapes surrendered to Dark Reach, leaving only the space defenses in position of defense. The Federation and Trandoshan warships retreated from Hapes, leaving the remaining Hapan vessels either to flee, join Dark Reach, or make a last stand, with Yvon Hex hoping for the latter.


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