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The Battle of Gizer was a military engagement at Gizer in 1,389 BBY. It saw the New Sith Empire defeat the Republic Navy and conquer Gizer.

The Council of Five had long desired conquest of the Perlemian Trade Route; after a failed attempt on the life of Taanab senator Glavial Iltek, Darth Alecto succeeded in assassinating Admiral Herqilius Arstyn, the "Bulwark of Lantillies", who had consistently checked Darth Saleej's attempts at conquest. Within an hour of Alecto's escape from Gizer Battlestation, she apprised the Sith of her success, and Saleej launched a full-scale attack.

With Arstyn dead, command of the Republic Navy at Gizer fell to Vice Admiral Zuuli Ok-Majan. In the confusion of Arstyn's death, Ok-Majan struggled to present an adequate defense against Saleej's armada. After Gizer Battlestation was neutralized, however, Ok-Majan elected to retreat to Taanab rather that sustain further losses. With the Republic Navy fled, the Sith sacked Gizer.


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