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Sinister this is....
Vector Hex about the Chiss attacking.

The Battle of Fondor was a battle which occured between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Galactic Alliance as part of the Chiss plans to capture their capitals. This attack was staged around the same time as the Battle of Mon Calamari and the Battle of Denon.


Fondor was attacked by the Chiss Ascendancy as Fondor was one of their capitals, in their plan to make the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances fall. This battle started at the same time as the battles of Mon Calamari and Denon.

The BattleEdit

As many Chiss vessels entered the Fondor system, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, under command of former Imperial, Vector Hex, organized a defense parameter to hold the Chiss off. Vector's plan however failed after a while, as the Chiss were able to push through the defense parameter and assault Fondor.

Chiss forces were landed on Fondor to wipe away Galactic Alliance land forces, as well to capture admiral Hex, even though failed. Many armed forces of the Alliance surrendered or desperately tried to ambush the Chiss, failing, most of the times.

The Chiss heavily outnumbered the Galactic Alliance fleet on and above the planet, far more hectic than during the Battle of Mon Calamari, as three Galactic Alliance capitals faded, trust in the Galactic Alliance faded as well.


Many people deserted the Galactic Alliance either to join the Imperial Remnant or to form their own planetary governments. Even though only few were able to successfully form one, and even less actually were recognized by the Chiss and the Remnant as states. One such state was the Foronian Governance.