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Major Engagements of the Nightmare War
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The Battle of Feldirjo was an engagement in the Nightmare War primarily between the Ossak natives of Feldirjo and the Skavik army of the Reawakened. The Dark Jedi attack fleet came out of orbit and the Ossaki sounded the alarm, but they massed their forces to hold off the Skavik anyway. The Xoquon Sector Fleet, led by Tariun Sakaros and carrying Rin Sakaros as a passenger, jumped into hyperspace to come to Feldirjo's aid.

By the time the fleet arrived, however, the battle was already decided. The Ossak natives had put up a remarkable defense and killed nearly all the invading Skavik, though they suffered heavy casualties. The Dark Jedi fleet was already retreating, and the Xoquon Sector Fleet only managed to inflict superficial damage before the ships escaped to lightspeed. Ordering the Ossak lines back, Tariun unleashed his fleet's turbolasers on the remaining Skavik on the surface and massacred them.

The victory at Feldirjo was a public relations victory for the Empire, as it showed the Reawakened and their army could be defeated even without assistance.

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