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Chiss era

The Battle of Entralla was an engagement between the forces of Grand Admiral Arcus Haven and Admiral Rulf Yage during the third Imperial civil war. Following the blockade of Entralla, Arcus Haven was forced to return home and liberate Entralla, successfully.


The battle was caused with the blockade of Entralla several days earlier by the Federation of Free Planets. Emperor Donovan Thorn called for his Grand Admiral, and he arrived within a manner of days.

The battle

With the arrival of Arcus Haven, the battle for Entralla had begun. The largest armada of Imperial Confederation ships so far arrived over Entralla, immediately engaging the joint fleet of Federation and Fel Empire ships, headed by Rulf Yage.

The Confederation fleet spearheaded the joint fleets, causing them to separate from one another. The joint fleets made an attempt to establish formation again, by circling around the portion of Confederation forces that spearheaded the fleet. This was a success, and the enemy ships were lost, although the Federation and Fel ships both were surrounded shortly afterwards.

Federation and Fel forces attempted to break through the enemy formation now, which however failed, causing many Federation and Fel ships to be destroyed. A small remainder was left, which did however pack quite a bunch against the Confederation fleet.

Confederation ground forces were landed soon after, engaging the occupying Federation ground forces in combat. Emperor Donovan Thorn joined the fighting. Soon, Entralla was liberated from enemy occupation in a matter of hours, with the Federation fleet destroyed and the Fel fleet gone.


Arcus Haven continued the hunt for the Fel fleet, taking over several more Fel planets before calling a victory over the Fel Empire.


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