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This article is about the Imperial subjugation of Eniam. You may be looking for other battles of Eniam.

The Battle of Eniam following the rise of the Empire, also known as the First Subjugation of Eniam or Second Battle of Eniam, was the conquest of Eniam by Imperial forces, following the Declaration of a New Order.


Following the Battle of Utapau, scouts from the Third Systems Army spread throughout the Tarabba sector in search of planets to plunder. The natives had been seeking representation in the Republic for some time. They only got their planet unwanted attention.

Impressed by the strength and intelligence of the natives, the Empire sent a force to enslave them in only weeks. The Imperial commanders and organizers estimated that the Eniam were a peaceful, yet somewhat careful race, who had good defenses but no experience using them. This was true.

It was decided that Captain Vox Rogvelr would lead the initial attack, while clone commander Jurkad would take over once the resistance took enough damage.


The orbital scouts that discovered the Imperial fleet coming out of hyperspace quickly had their communications and sensors jammed. The Imperial starfighters were deployed and destroyed down any ship that discovered the invasion force.

Air bases all over Eniam soon scrambled a small force when their scouts did not report, but came under bombardment from sub-orbital Star Destroyers. The Eniam Air-Space Corps barely managed to get a quarter of their forces to the middle atmosphere, where they engaged the Empire in fierce dogfights and broadsides.

However even Eniam's largest craft, the Rakolpine-class cruiser, was only comparable to the frigates of more powerful navies. They had difficulty penetrating the shields of the Star Destroyers, and the Empire had nearly twice as many ships as they did, thanks to the attack on the ground bases.

Soon, Eniam's air force was nearly obliterated. At that point, the Imperials offered Eniam a chance to surrender. The natives begged to be left alone. Captain Rogvelr interpreted their response as negative, and resumed the attack. The attackers destroyed all but a few of Eniam's spacecraft on their way to the surface.

Land BattleEdit

The invaders quickly got to the surface and split up to tackle the largest cities, but Eniam managed to organize their forces around the cities before the onslaught came to them. It wasn't enough.

Eniam had only recently formed an Army out of an perimeter police force. Above ground, the few tanks they had were quickly overrun, and much of their army was literally run over by rolling Juggernaut tanks. Mor Retupmok and the other cities were soon surrounded, and the Eniamos were rounded up.

Meanwhile, the trees of the forests were avoided by smaller units and knocked down by bigger ones as they surrounded the Keaarglr. The Keaarglr were the fiercest, and they had the most deaths. A force of stormtroopers, speeder bikes, and DSD1 dwarf spider droids poured into the caves. The Drijokens triggered a few rockslides that crushed some Imperials and blocked some of the passages, but the attackers blocked the other escape routes.

The Drijokenleein sent their defense droids against the Empire, and some of their soldiers offered to go, too. However, the Drijokens were forced lower and lower, but soon the heat and distance from open air was too much for them, and they surrendered.


When the battle was over, the population of Eniam was almost gone. Many animals and natural resources were also plundered. A few sentients escaped. Some hid on Eniam, some went to other planets. Years later, these would restart Eniam society. Some of the slaves revolted and went home, too.

The ecology of Eniam was also saved. The Empire did not entirely plunder it. With some assistance from the Alliance of Free Planets/New Republic, Eniam was restored. Unfortunately, the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Eniam 45 years later, with similar results.

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