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The Battle of Earth was a battle fought between the Galactic Republic and CIS when the two fleets accidentally went into another galaxy

United States Reaction

President George Bush was very fond of what Grievous was doing and urged the USA to join the Separatists however many citizens left Bush's advice and joined the Galactic Republic


The end occurred when Jedi Master Kit Fisto and his padawan Bant Eerin confronted George Bush now Sith Apprentice to Darth Tyranus claimed himself to be Dark Lord of the Sith, and attacked Fisto and his padawan however Bush escaped on a STAP, and Kit Fisto and Bant Eerin chased him to an airport, where Kit Fisto cut Bush in half and sent his body flying into a plane generator, Bush's evil was defeated and the Galactic Republic truimphed however Earth was near to being destroyed by the Separatist Fleet, Fisto and Eerin escaped onto a Gunship and escaped just as Earth was destroyed entirely


The Battle left only a few survivors alive.

Known Deaths

Known Survivors

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