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Mankind shall not tolerate an extraterrestrial invasion. It shall destroy the threat.
—The President of The United States

The Battle of Earth was a battle in which the Imperial Remnant attack the planet Earth. It was the first battle of the Sol War, the first extragalactic war.


The Imperial Remnant was leading an extragalactic expedition when it stumbled on Earth. Disguising themselves as locals of Moscow, Russia, the scouts saw a display of nuclear weapons. Realizing that the weapons could be used to retake the Galaxy, the Imperial Remnant decided to attack.

When the Galactic Alliance found out about this, they decided to warn and help the Earthlings. They sent Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia to protect the planet. They were captured by the Australian government, but once they cleared things up, they were told to help UN forces protect earth.

The battleEdit

The battle itself was short. Despite Earth being primitive, the Imperials grossly underestimated the amount of resistance they would face. They were soon driven off the planet after their Super Star Destroyer was destroyed by a nuclear missile fired from Miami.


Sadly, the Imperials didn't leave before laying waste to Sydney. The city was completely destroyed. Luke Skywalker later commented that the Battle of Earth wold be the worst battle of the Sol War.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is the first of many articles I will be doing on the Sol War.

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