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The Battle of Douz Outpost was a battle fought on Tatooine during the Galactic Civil War. A small force of Sandtroopers were deployed to Douz Outpost, a power station and repair station for various land vehicles for both civilians and Imperial forces. The station fell under attack by a raiding party of Rebel Alliance soldiers as well as armed civilians whom rebelled against the Empire.

The Sandtrooper company, led by Captain Halvar Adderon of Corellia, was cut off, encircled, and unable to call for reinforcements; despite this, they held off nearly a dozen Rebel assaults before running out of blaster gas packs and defense turrets, and were finally overwhelmed, engaging the numerically-superior Rebel force with vibroknives and the stocks of their rifles after running out of ammunition, refusing Rebel demands of surrender.

Utilizing terrain to their advantage, along with skillful turret placement and discipline, the Imperial defense was hailed as one of the finest small-scale infantry actions of the War.

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