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The Battle of Doornik-628E was a major naval engagement between the Yevethan Protectorate, led by Supreme Yevethan Kai Spaar, against the Galactic Alliance Remnant government. The battle would serve as the final battle to be fought without Galactic Alliance interference.


As part of the campaign, the planet Doornik-628E was assaulted, as part of the plan to draw out Admiral Gar Stazi, which was initially successful.

The battle

The battle had started when upgraded Yevethan vessels left hyperspace over the Doornik-628 system to annex Doornik-628E. The planet was however defended by forces of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, which had immediately moved to engage the Yevethan warships, frightened as they were.

The Alliance ships opened fire on the Yevethan warfleet, and not shortly after, the Yevetha returned fire. The Yevethan vessels were however stronger than those of the Alliance, soon overwhelming the enemy. The Alliance forces, after losing two vessels, retreated behind the line of defense satellites which they had set up since the fall of the Duskhan League.

The Yevethan ships continued to approach the enemy fleet, eventually being targeted by the enemy's defense satellites. The Yevethan warships assaulted the defense satellites, quickly destroying them. Multiple Yevethan warships entered the system elsewhere to join the assault, ultimately flanking the remaining defense satellites.

The newly arrived Yevethan ships headed to flank the enemy warships, with the other ships engaging them directly. The Galactic Alliance forces split up to engage both units evenly, though being overwhelmed by the enemy's larger amount of vessels, as well as the fact that they outmatched the enemy forces.

The Yevethan forces ultimately destroyed the Alliance's fleet, leaving no survivors in their onslaught. Following which the remaining defenses of the planet were destroyed, and the planet was invaded by the Yevethan Armed Forces.


Doornik-628E became part of the Yevethan Protectorate following the battle. The battle would however have an interesting result, for the Galactic Alliance Remnant leader, Gar Stazi, requested to meet with Kai Spaar to talk about a Yevethan surrender.


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