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Major Engagements of the Nightmare War
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The Battle of Dolomir was the final engagement of the Nightmare War. Fought at Dolomir in 149 ABY, it saw the deaths of all the remaining members of the Reawakened and the final defeat of their war effort.

The trap

Following the destruction of Kizav, Tariun Sakaros went on the Royal HoloNet to declare the end of the war, the defeat of the Dark Jedi, and the beginning of the Empire's rebuilding efforts for Dolomir, Klee`shlyoo`hshee, and other worlds devastated in the initial wave of destruction. Already outraged at the loss of his clone-producing world and the majority of the Skavik population, Ador Hentral demanded that his forces destroy the entire planet of Dolomir to punish the Golden Empire's presumption. He committed all his remaining ships and soldiers to the attack.

The HoloNet announcement, however, was bait in a trap. Rin Sakaros foresaw Hentral's reaction and, knowing he had the means to monitor HoloNet transmissions, had Tariun deliberately goad the Dark Jedi to bait him into a fatal error. The Prime Fleet was arrayed at Dolomir in battle formation, and the Romasi Sector Fleet was set up a fraction of a light year away to catch the Dark Jedi fleet in a pincer when it arrived. Breek Zagrev transferred command to Salin Tesshir in order to lead a strike team against Hentral's flagship.

The battle


As predicted, the Dark Jedi walked directly into the trap, and the Prime Fleet engaged them. For the first time in the war, Rin Sakaros was present for the battle, and she used her Battle Meditation to counter that of Ador Hentral. But where Hentral was alone in his efforts, Rin also had Jira Zaffrod aboard the Sith Star. Jira focused her meditative strengths on inspiring the Empire's troops while Rin picked away at Hentral's concentration, trying to break the will of his Skavik minions.

Meanwhile, Breek Zagrev led a strike team including Arcantha Syr, Malyri and Kylaea Porén, Sovi Evnairis, Ghess, and six others. Boarding Hentral's flagship along with the 11th Massassi Cohort, they battled their way through the hangar bay before running into a group of Vyrak clones. In the battle that followed, one Centurion was mortally wounded and another three were injured badly enough that Breek left them behind as a rear guard with the Massassi. She and her remaining seven siblings pressed on toward Hentral.

Though the Centurions and the Massassi caused chaos throughout the enemy flagship, they were only a diversion. A thirteenth Centurion, the Zeyot assassin Zahyr, had gone with Breek's attack team. Camouflaging himself with the Force, Zahyr allowed his siblings to draw the attention of his enemies while he carried out their true mission: personally assassinating Ador Hentral.

The Battle of the Sith Star

While Breek's team was still en route to the flagship, the enemy fleet began bombarding the Sith Star with ion cannons, then launching projectiles. A few detonated prematurely against the Star's particle shields, but a concentrated burst of fire downed the shields on the ship's starboard. Several projectiles smashed into the Star, and Rin sensed they were boarding craft. Each opened, deploying thousands of Skavik, Veracht, and Vyrak Legionnaires into the Empire's flagship.

With few infantry-capable troops aboard, most Royal Navy personnel sealed themselves in their work areas to concentrate on the battle. The 14th Massassi Cohort, stationed aboard, went to meet the invaders, and Eskol Kaartinen secured the Novices of the Order of Keltrayu inside the Citadel before deploying every Centurion still aboard the flagship to aid in the counterattack. Dark Jedi Vev Nar led a contingent of clones and Skavik, while Voara Culee took Charg and a platoon of clones to attack the Citadel and massacre the Novices.

The Novice Azalyn Kass`l sensed the impending attack by Culee's team and desperately warned the Chiss Centurion Vos'elk'eetash. With the Centurions all deployed, only Kaartinen and Selkee herself were left to defend the Citadel, aided by its small cohort of battle droids and the pair of Massassi guards who refused to leave their posts, even knowing what was coming. Just before Culee and her forces arrived, the still-ailing Centurion Te`net Organi dragged himself from the Citadel's medbay to aid in the defense.

The trap is sprung

The forces of the Reawakened aboard the Sith Star knocked out several of the flagship's systems, including its communications array, leaving Prime Legate Sorrik unable to communicate with his forces. However, the Romasi Sector Fleet arrived shortly thereafter. Legate Tesshir assumed command of the entire force and directed the remainder of the battle while Sorrik conducted the Sith Star's battle operations and Captain Meerk Hozzit took care of the ship's damage control.

Pinned between the two forces of the Armada, the Dark Jedi fleet faltered. What had been an all-out assault against the Prime Fleet was aborted as the enemy ships had to defend their backs against the unexpected reinforcements.


Breek Zagrev and her strike team fought their way through a Veracht attack squad, losing only a single Centurion to the venom from a Verai's bite. The remaining seven Centurions broke into Hentral's throne room, engaging in a series of duels with his clone guards. Ghess used his double-bladed lightsaber to duel a pair of them, while the Porén twins used their twin connection to fend off three at a time. Even as Breek and Sovi were being back toward one another, Zahyr sprang from concealment, landed in Hentral's lap, stabbed the Adarian in the chest, and ripped his blades upward to bisect Hentral's face. Despite their own battle ferocity and strength, the Anzati lurched briefly in the absence of Hentral's Force-backed motivation, and several were quickly dispatched. The Centurions wiped out the remainder without difficulty.

Suddenly deprived of Hentral's control over them, many Skavik through the Dark Jedi fleet surrendered. The resulting loss of coordination meant many ships were gunned down without difficulty. Most of the remainder were struck with ion cannons and captured, their crews taken prisoner.

Aboard the Sith Star, Kieran Sapphire dueled and killed Vev Nar while the Centurions, Massassi, Shadow Massassi, and Anzat hounds battled the invaders through the ship. The two Massassi and all the battle droids defending the Citadel were eliminated, but Kaartinen, Organi, and Selkee held the doors, with Selkee decapitating Charg and Kaartinen accepting a stab in the shoulder in return for an opening to dispatch Voara Culee. Tariun Sakaros and Jira Zaffrod arrived as reinforcements, and Selkee unleashed a Force storm that stunned and injured many of the Anzati, as well as Organi. Selkee herself slumped from the effort, but Tariun, Jira, and Kaartinen quickly dispatched the survivors.


Breek Zagrev ordered the 11th Massassi on Hentral's flagship to take no prisoners, but eventually Tesshir authorized the fleet to accept offers of surrender. Millions of Skavik were taken as prisoners of war, but Rin ordered that all Veracht and all clones of Sacco Vyrak were to be exterminated. It took several days after the conclusion of fighting to carry the order out, but eventually both groups were destroyed.

Eleven Centurions were killed during the course of the battle, along with hundreds of Massassi, several Royal Navy personnel, and Tekk Draykhan. The two Massassi killed at the Citadel were honored by lying in state inside the Citadel itself alongside the eleven Centurions. To honor his courage, the Massassi laid Tekk's body among their own dead.

The heavily damaged Sith Star retreated to Mir Kaldu`uz for repairs, lingering there for a month. Rin commanded that the Skavik prisoners of war be used to help rebuild the worlds they had destroyed as a condition of their surrender, but resisted calls by several worlds in the Empire to have them all executed, knowing they had been enslaved by Hentral and the other Dark Jedi. The bodies of the four Dark Jedi killed in the battle were burned privately.

Dolomir itself suffered no damage during the battle. The worlds devastated by the Dark Jedi began to receive reparation support over the following years and started the process of rebuilding.

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