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The Battle of Destudii was the final battle of the Jedi Wars, fought between all belligerents on the neutral planet of Destudii.

Following the surprise attacks on Syst and Styaros VII, the Sith Empire of Korriban and Liberated Systems were caught off guard, so Darth Drakenaereus used Elanna Durandu as a weapon against her fellow Jedi, feeding her anger and rage with the dark side, thus shaping her into his servant and a Sith acolyte.

When Jarn Durandu learnt of his sister's betrayal, he was elected by the Jedi Council and the New Republic to deploy a task force and target the Sith on the planet of Destudii, where they had entrenched themselves to further branch out and conquer. Jarn was joined by fellow Jedi Dagaros Virethi, along with a vast army of Jedi, Republic troops, Mandalorian allies and Tarisian Military Corps soldiers.

The battle commenced on the surface, with Virethi attempting to duel Drakenaereus, while Jarn tried to reason with his sister. He defeated her in combat, but she pleaded with him to end her life for her betrayal. He refused, and Drakenaereus, who had incapacitated Virethi, scolded her for her weakness and killed her with Force lighting. Driven by rage and vengeance, Jarn danced closely to the Dark Side as he dueled with Drakenaereus, much to the Sith Lord's enjoyment. After a long duel Jarn cast Drakenaereus' lightsaber aside and decapitated him, ending his reign and the Jedi Wars.

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