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The Battle of Coruscant, referred to by the Imperial Remnant as the Deployment on Coruscant, was a battle at the New Republic's capital world of Coruscant. It was the first attack of a terror campaign devised by Jaden Korr, the primary goals of which were to gain the confidence of the other leaders of the Dark Order of Korr, as well as to kill Republic morale. In order to reach Coruscant in the least amount of time required, Jaden utilized a hyperspace route through the Deep Core. He used the presence of non-hostile Imperial Remnant forces in the Core as cover, which allowed his fleet to avoid Republic detection and attack Coruscant.

The Battle

Jaden Korr commanded an impressive assault fleet, composed of over a dozen Imperial I, Imperial II, and Victory I-class Star Destroyers supported by Tartan-class patrol cruisers. These vessels were placed in rows of four Star Destroyers and Tartan cruisers, designed to protect two mission-critical craft at the rear of the fleet: the factory ship Infector for deployment of ground forces, and a Torpedo Sphere to attack the planetary shield. In this formation, both the Infector and the Torpedo Sphere were effectively impossible to attack due to the distance from the New Republic forces.

After the Dark Order's fleet arrived, the Republic immediately launched waves of E-wing escort starfighters, T-65 X-wings, and BTL-A4 Y-wing bombers to engage the first row of capital ships while they mobilized their own Star Cruisers. After they were turned back by the combined distributive fire of the Star Destroyers and Tartan cruisers, they fell back and initiated a dogfight with the Imperial starfighters, consisting entirely of Assault Gunboats and V38 Assault Fighters. The Gunboats were initially unable to penetrate the starfighter screen, but succeeded in keeping them occupied while the Torpedo Sphere and a small flotilla of Broadside-class cruisers bombarded Coruscant's planetary shield, along with the rest of the rear fleet.

Jaden Korr, commanding the battle from the bridge of the Star Destroyer Dark Hand, ordered the first line of Tartan-class patrol cruisers from the fleet's starboard flank to move to gain the upper hand against the E-wings. This gave the Republic an opening, which they used to send six Defender-class Star Destroyers and several squadrons of B-wing starfighters to punch a hole in their exposed capital ship line. The initial bombing run scattered defending V38 fighters and spread confusion throughout the fleet. The Tartan cruisers were at first unable to return to their original positions, and the inadequately supported condition of the fleet resulted in the eventual loss of four Imperial-class destroyers and seven Victory-class, at the cost of three Republic capital ships and moderate B-wing casualties.

Although the two fleets were evenly matched, after Jaden's fleet was repositioned the Republic forces were unable to break through again, their second attempt resulting in the loss of three Defiance and Liberty-class Star Cruisers. Not long after, the rear fleet succeeded in creating a small gap in Coruscant's shield. Once this was accomplished, the Infector launched its complement of dark trooper capsules, which were quickly able to reach Coruscant's surface, their small size and extreme speed allowing them to bypass anti-air turrets. In this manner, the Infector managed to deploy one hundred Phase II dark troopers in four waves of twenty-five troopers each.

After the Infector finished deployment, the entire Imperial fleet rapidly fled the system. The dark troopers, programmed to kill everything in sight, spread out and proceeded to lay waste to the surrounding landscape. The New Republic security forces, possessing only small-arms fire, stood no chance against the far superior armor and firepower of the battle droids. Even after reinforcements arrived with New Republic Vanguards, the dark troopers were at a severe advantage in the close quarters of Coruscant's buildings, killing an enormous amount of civilians and Republic troops before eventually falling to numerically superior forces.


The cataclysmic battle between the Republic soldiers and the dark troopers left several districts of Coruscant City in ruins. The high civilian death toll, estimated by HoloNet reports as approximating one million, caused a widespread panic throughout the Core Worlds, and after word of the attack spread, even other Imperial Remnant factions began to fear being the Dark Order's next target. The attack, effectively an act of terrorism, also caused an uproar in the New Republic Senate. Many Outer Rim worlds, having already begun to feel that they had been abandoned by the Republic, started to lose confidence in its ability to protect them from the remnants of the Empire.

Not long after the battle ended, Heglark Ress, a Republic spy, had managed to bring information on Operation Dark Disease to New Republic Intelligence after being rescued by Kyle Katarn. The information included a partial list of planets that the Infector's fleet planned on attacking. Supreme Commander Dagmar Morlev, outraged by the attack, immediately began using Ress' intelligence data in the formation of a plan to destroy the Infector.

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