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The Battle of Chilan was the biggest battle in the galaxy. It was from 13 BBY to 28 BBY. It started when the Trade Federation was blockading Chilan. The officials of Chilan called for the Jedi's help. The Jedi agreed to help, and they tried to negotiate with the Republic. When the Republic's armies got to confront the Trade Federation, all they found were ruins of their destroyed cruisers. When they went to aid Chilan, the were surprised attacked by Templars. The Templars controlled Chilan, then the Republic and Templars fought. A year later, the Trade Federation and the Commerce Guild joined the battle. Two years after, the Commerce Guild got demolished and the Trade Guild joined forces with the Trade Federation only to be betrayed and joined the Templars. Then the new commander of the Trade Federation, Charsh Boiset bombed the capital of Chilan to get it over with, then the people of Chilan began to fight. One year later the Banking Clan was supporting the Templars. Many others joined the battle. One year before the battle ended, the Trade Guild left the war. 2 months before the war ended, Charsh Boiset was killed by an assassin loyal to the Templars. After that, the Trade Federation thought the best interest to leave the war. Then the Templars were destroyed, survivors were hunted down and taken into custody or killed.

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