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The Battle of Bothawui was a battle fought in 101 BBY during the Mezzilenic War between the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Coalition above the planet Bothawui.


With the Mezzilenic War having raged for over a year, the Republic had staged a devastating counter-attack which turned the tide of the war in their favor and scattering the Coalition fleet. Seeing an opportunity to regain his position of power in Bothan Space, after having lost it after the Battle of Kothlis, Vy Hu'ro saw the perfect opportunity to take it back. Having gathered all his supporters at his base on Void Station, he prepared an attack on Bothawui that he believed would win back his position as leader of the Bothans.

Although the forces of his rival Arf Fey'lya equally matched his own, they had a strong defensive position, Hu'ro decided that the attack on Bothawui would be used to lure Fey'lya's forces to Void Station, where he could use the station's defenses to turn the tide of the battle. So Hu'ro decided to keep some of his ships in reserve so that he could spring a trap on Fey'lya's forces when they arrived at Void Station. To add to the deception, Hu'ro passed the information to Fey'lya's spy network misleading him as to the strength of Hu'ro's forces and the power of Void Station. This information was passed to Fey'lya by his ally Nef Kre'aa and he prepared his forces to defend Bothawui.


Hu'ro's fleet arrived at Bothawui and moved towards the planet where Fey'lya's fleet is waiting for them to arrive. Fey'lya has hidden half of his fleet behind the planet and leaves the other half as bait for the enemy armada. However Hu'ro is aware of the full strength of his enemy's force so he holds back, unwilling to sacrifice his forces as he wants to use them to trap Fey'lya's force at a later stage. He maneuvers his fleet so that Fey'lya's reinforcements cannot come round his fleet and hit him from behind before he attacked Fey'lya's force.

As both sides clash, Hu'ro's force quickly threatens to overwhelm the enemy fleet so Fey'lya orders his reinforcements to support them before they are beaten. As Fey'lya's reinforcements arrive on the scene, Hu'ro orders his fleet to withdraw and flee back to Void Station in preparation for his trap. His ships make a fighting withdrawal away from the enemy fleet and when they get far enough away they jump from the system.


Determined that Hu'ro must be beaten at all costs, Fey'lya decides to send his fleet straight after his fleet which leads to the Battle of Void Station.

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