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The Battle of Bolera was an attempted invasion during the Great Liberation. The Tetrarchy of Mezlagob sent an attack fleet to Bolera and commenced an assault on the system. Though the Golden Empire had previously planned to leave Bolera undefended to focus its diminishing resources on more crucial systems, the Prime Fleet was only two parsecs away from Bolera when the Tetrarchy attacked, and Rin Sakaros made the snap decision to reply to the distress call.

The Prime Fleet arrived after Tetrarchy troops had already landed, and the two fleets engaged in an orbital battle while Keltrayu led six full Royal Army cohorts to the planet to relieved the besieged Athans. With numbers close to equal, Tariun Sakaros flanked the enemy fleet with the Star Destroyer Rampart and a flotilla of frigates, putting the Sith Star between the invaders and the planet and catching the enemy fleet in the crossfire. A dedicated fighter assault led by Redblade Squadron succeeded in carving through enemy fighter lines and destroying the shield generators on one of the Tetrarchy battle cruisers, which was swiftly destroyed and caused chaos in what remained of its line.

Meanwhile, Keltrayu and his soldiers landed outside the Boleran capital city of Kezef and formed a defensive line, while Aquila Corcer led another two cohorts to attack from one side. Forced to defend themselves on two fronts, the Tetrarchy forces were slowly chivvied back. Leaving his soldiers to fight, Keltrayu rallied disparate groups of Athan militiamen and armed civilians and led them around the clashing armies, coming at the Tetrarchy troops by surprise from the rear. A group broke off and fled back to the blockade.

Encircled, the remains of the Tetrarchy army tried to dig in, using artillery pieces and armored vehicles as cover. The ground battle quickly became a stalemate, and even the two Centurions were unable to force their way through the enemy fire. From orbit, Tariun had his best gunners fire into the Tetrarchy ranks. A company of Royal Army soldiers were accidentally vaporized, but an entire column of the Tetrarchy army was annihilated and its formation broke. The survivors endured a brief and mounting massacre before surrendering to Keltrayu.

In orbit, the Tetrarchy fleet elected to cut its losses once it had the survivors of the ground battle aboard and fled the system. The captured Tetrarchy soldiers were taken as prisoners of war, but kept on Bolera under guard of the Athans themselves rather than expend resources moving them somewhere else. The Athans repurposed much of the Tetrarchy artillery to defend themselves, though there was no followup assault.

Battles of the Great Liberation
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