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The Battle of Belaham was the final battle between the Maynian government and the Maynian rebels known as the Gevorians. The battle occurred soon after the Battle under Culor, even though the Gevorian army hadn't fully recovered from their loss. Before the battle began, the Maynian government drafted a law that permitted them to brand their prisoners of war. This caused the Gevorians to attempt to rescue the prisoners, which eventually resulted in the Battle of Belaham.

During the Gevorian army's first strike, they were overpowered by the Maynian army's remaining heavy weapons. Under orders from Jacen Gevorian, the army fled back into the Lahari forest where they set up an ambush. At that time, the head of the Maynian army, Syle Torrav, ordered a large group to go in after them. This group was led by General Louis Ottug. The attack killed several Maynian soldiers, while the rest surrendered and were taken prisoner. The Gevorians then attacked the Maynian stronghold and were able to overpower the city's defenses, which resulted in the capture of Syle Torrav and a Gevorian victory.

The battle concluded the planet's civil war. Days after the battle, Jacen Gevorian and his daughter, Lara, left the planet. Jacen Gevorian's son, Jacen Gevorian II took the title of Grad and ruled Maynus under a monarchy. His first act as Grad was the banishment or execution of the Maynian forces. Belaham remained the capitol due to its defenses.


Today we march on our enemy. Our feet may be sore and our hearts filled with sorrow, but we can not stand by and watch our loved ones be hurt any longer!
—Jacen Gevorian before marching into the Lahari forest.

Following the Gevorian loss at the Battle under Culor, the Maynian government permitted a law that allowed their armies to brand the letter 'T' into the wrists of the Gevorian soldiers. This was done to signify that the Gevorian solider was a traitor amongst the people of Maynus. Soon after the law passed, the Maynian government passed another law that allowed their soldiers to brand the letter 'G' into anyone of the Gevorian bloodline. This caused Jacen Gevorian and his daughter Lara to plan several missions to rescue the prisoners.

During the first rescue attempt, Jacen and Lara's team was able to sabotage all of the Maynian army's large weapons, including their flame cannons. The group was then forced to flee before they could sabotage more weapon caches as a large group of Maynian soldiers were marching on their location. During their next rescue attempt, the Gevorian rescue party was ambushed and Lara Gevorian was captured, while four of the reconnaissance operatives were executed on site. The Maynian leader, Syle Torrav, then branded Lara's wrists in front of all the Maynian citizens. Jacen Gevorian then set up all the resistance fighters and marched to the city where Syle was living, Belaham.The Gevorian army marched into the Lahari forest, which surrounded Belaham. After a three day trek through the forest, they reached the front district. Once there, Jacen and his troops set traps along the forest line in order to ambush the Maynian army once they initiated their planned retreat.

The battleEdit


Jacen Gevorian II after the battle.

Silence helps the oppressor, not the oppressed! We cannot afford to be silent anymore!
—Jacen Gevorian rallying his troops before the Battle of Belaham

Upon entering the Laronitis sector, the Gevorian army attacked a group of Maynian soldiers that were near the sector's entrance. The Gevorians divided into two smaller groups, one led by Jacen Gevorian and the other by his son, and continued advancing on the Maynian army. Upon seeing the two Gevorian groups, the Maynians tried to counter with their large flame cannons, which were located on the defensive walls of the Belaham palace, but the weapons jammed due to the previous Gevorian sabotage.

When the Maynians tried to use the cannons, they exploded, killing the soldiers operating them and injuring those nearby. The Gevorian army continued to fire upon the capitol building until Syle entered the battle with his own personal squad. His squad carried hand-held flame cannons and fired on the Gevorian army, it killed several soldiers and caused the rest to prematurely flee into the forest.

After the Gevorian army had fled deep enough in the forest, they set up for their ambush. The soldiers paired up and either hung on low tree branches or hid under fallen trees. Once the Maynian army, led by General Louis Ottug, charged into the forest, they were halted by the traps. The soldiers then emerged from their ambush positions and fired upon the Maynian soldiers. While Jacen Gevorian II led the ambush, Jacen Gevorian and his small squad charged into the city in an attempt to free the Gevorian prisoners. The squad was able to make it to the prison without any causalities. Jacen and his men were able to overload the cells that the prisoners were being held in, freeing them. Jacen and Lara then led the group and charged into Syle's tower and attacked his personal soldiers. Because most of the city's defenders were fighting with the main army in the forest and the distance between the opposing sides prevented use of the hand-held cannons, Torrav was not well protected. The small group, using their blaster pistols and blades, was able to attack and kill his remaining guards. Syle Torrav surrendered afterward, signifying that the Gevorian army had won the battle and, ultimately, the war.

With communications cut due to the thickness of the forest, the younger Jacen and his troopers were unaware of the surrender. They continued to engage Ottug's forces, fighting throughout the forest. The Gevorian army continued using fallen trees for cover while General Ottug attempted to rally the remaining soldiers under his command. With casualties continuing to mount and no hope for support from the city, Ottug accepted the fact that his army had lost and surrendered as well. The remaining Maynian soldiers were then brought to the head of the Gevorian army as they marched in column toward Belaham.


Jacen and daughter

Jacen and Lara leave Maynus.

I can't lead an entire planet when I don't even know how to protect my family.
—Jacen Gevorian before leaving Maynus

After the battle, the Gevorians executed Syle Torrav for crimes of treason and the Maynian people fled into the forests. Jacen Gevorian's son, Jacen Gevorian II, was appointed the first Grad of Maynus. Jacen Gevorian and his daughter left the planet soon after. Jacen Gevorian II released all of the Maynian prisoners and let them hide in the forests. He also passed laws that forbade a Maynian to enter a Gevorian-ruled city, failure to do so would result in death.

Legacy Edit

Today marks the day that we start building towards greatness!
—Jacen Gevorian II's first speech to the citizens of Maynus

After the war had ended, the planet was led by a man or woman of Gevorian blood for the next two hundred years. The Maynian army split up into several tribes and scattered into the forests and mountains of Maynus. Lee Torrav, Syle's son, became the leader of the largest Maynian tribe and often would order tribesman to attack Gevorian cities.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Battle of Belaham was created on December 28, 2009 by Bluethunder213. The battle was created in large part because Bluethunder needed a final battle for the civil war on the planet Maynus. The battle was originally going to appear in a short story, though the idea has since been canceled.

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