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Battle of Bastion IV was a battle during the Clone Wars and part of the Invasion of the Catpire. Bastion was a Catperial world and soon, after the Separatists attacked, they sent a task force to take it back. With the help of the Republic.

The battle

On neighboring Bastion V, a battle between the Republic and the Separatists were fighting. The Separatists needed a foothold, so they looked at their files for information on Bastion IV. It said that it was a Catperial world. Not knowing what the Catpire is, they went there. Soon they were attacked and destroyed by the 181st Legion. Soon the rest of the Confederacy lost and went to Bastion IV and stayed there. They were ambushed by the Catpire from one side, and the Republic from the other. They were victorious. As a thanks, the Republic gave Bastion V and the entire system to the Catpire. The Catporer thanked them and soon a fleet of venators came out of hyperspace. In a few weeks, most of the planets had catperial outposts on them.
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