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Legacy era

The Battle of Baes was the opening engagement in what became the capture of the Vall`to sector during the Great Liberation. It was also the first direct "rematch" between Sith Lord Tariun Sakaros and Admiral Garyth Quorr. The successful capture of Baes opened the path to the subsequent assault on Vall`to.

Having predicted an attack on the Vall`to sector, Quorr divided most of the sector's defensive fleet between Baes and Vall`to, but remained with the Baes fleet himself. Tariun led the Prime Fleet on the attack, dueling with Quorr's defensive fleet. An A-Wing Slash executed with Hadragos and Ghralaz bombers crippled one of Quorr's key line ships, causing a break in formation.

Quorr attempted to draw the Royal fleet in close enough to absorb bombardment by Baes's two orbital battle stations in addition to his own ships. After losing a ship to the tactic, rather than retreat, Tariun allowed his left flank to collapse backward, seemingly in chaos. Though Quorr himself was not fooled by the maneuver, the Rear Admiral in command of the line moved in on the attack, and Tariun reversed the Bothan fade, having pinned the Tetrarchy line between the battle station and his own ships. One ship was so far forward it even interfered with fire from Quorr's primary line, and all eight ships were ionized into submission.

Accepting defeat, Quorr organized the remainder of his force in a retreat to Vall`to. One battle station sustained sufficient damage that it exploded, but the other surrendered and accepted boarding parties. The planet itself surrendered with little fight.

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