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The Battle of Atairis was a battle that took place between the Separatist droid armies and the forces of the Atairis-Deta City Militia, on behalf of the Galactic Republic, which took place outside the capital city of Atairis-Deta, a strategically important planet in the Atairis System. The battle was fought at the walls surrounding the city, where the Atairis-Deta city militia fought to stop the droids entering the city. After a brief period of respite, the droids attacked again and destroyed the wall, poised to enter the city. Despite this, with their numbers depleted, they retreated and regrouped, planning to attack the city shortly.

By that time, however, the Venator-class Star Destroyer the Akarak had arrived in the system. Under the command of Ki-Adi-Mundi, the Separatists were forced to retreat. Despite this, the Baron Administrator of the system, Calvaro Hyarkis, decided to join the Separatists regardless, banishing the Republic from the system.


In the months leading up to the Clone Wars, Baron Administrator Calvaro Hyarkis received a message from Nute Gunray, Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Gunray informed Hyarkis that, unless the system declared itself for the Separatists, supply lines between the Federation and the system would be cut off. Being, in the large part, a barren planet incapable of supporting life, the system relied almost entirely on trade to supply its population. Torn between his loyalty to the Republic and his people's needs, Hyarkis eventually decided to stay with the Republic, imploring that the Republic take the place of the Federation in supplying them with resources.

Staying with the Republic seemed a good choice for the system until the Clone Wars broke out in 22 BBY. Within days, routes first used for trade were being used to transport troops and munitions to the front lines across the galaxy. Without their much-needed supplies, the system began to starve. Thousands of people living in the wilderness made their way to the major cities in the hope of finding food.

Desperate, Hyarkis sent a transmission to the Jedi Council, imploring that they send a Jedi to solve the problem. Bolo Artel, a Jedi Knight residing on Coruscant, was chosen to journey to the system, and did so with his new apprentice, the Togruta Opa Choi.

Arriving in the system and leaving his flagship, the Akarak behind in a distant system, Artel met with the Baron Administrator in his private quarters in the centre of the capital city of Atairis-Deta. The negotiations were short, and Artel promised that the Republic would set up trade routes with the system once again. Pleased, Hyarkis let Artel, clone commander Ballo, who was disguised as Artel's apprentice, and the Rodian Doc stay in the capital city.

The Battle

In the nearby A'alla System, Techno Union official Chatt Onakkit quickly mobilised his forces, planning to retake the system. Landing early the next morning, Onakkit's forces marched on the city, arriving by late afternoon. By that time, Artel had arranged the City Militia on the walls surrounding the city and had activated a powerful energy shield that would protect them from orbital bombardment.

In the meantime, Doc had been ordered to travel back to their shuttle via speeder bike. Arriving there, Doc sent the shuttle back to the Akarak with an important message to the Jedi Council informing them of the invasion. The Council got this message and Ki-Adi-Mundi, who was nearby, travelled to the Akarak and flew it towards the Atairis system.

Artel's forces above the wall had fought valiantly against the droid forces, but were unable to stop them advancing further. Stopping at the base of the wall, Onakkit sent out a message to Artel's forces, giving them the night to surrender lest the droids would decimate the city. Knowing that fighting in the dark would be futile, Artel descended from the wall and travelled back into the city to convene with Hyarkis.

Hyarkis, a coward, tried to surrender, but Artel stopped him from doing so. Placing the city under temporary martial law, Artel set up fresh troops atop the wall. Hyarkis was one of those, standing alongside Ballo even though he protested.

At dawn, Onakkit's forces resumed their attack. Within minutes, they had significantly damaged the wall. At one point, the portion of wall Hyarkis was standing on collapsed and he fell. Artel grabbed for him using the Force, but was too late to save the Baron Administrator's right arm, which had been sliced off by shrapnel from the wall.

Realising their position was about to be destroyed, Artel ordered his forces to leave the wall. His words seemed to be prophetic, for, just seconds later, the wall collapsed in several places. Taking advantage of the brief moment where the debris blocked the droids' path, Artel arranged his forces in a ring around the city gates.

The droid forces quickly climbed over the pile of debris, and Artel, leaving Ballo in charge of the ring of fighters, ran forward to meet them. After cutting down several of the droids and sending a tank spinning away, Artel was hit in the face by a Super Battle Droid and was sent flying.

Meanwhile, the tiny group of fighters under Ballo's command somehow managed to halt the Separatists' advance temporarily. With the mound of debris forming the line between the droid forces and the city militia, Onakkit came down onto the battlefield and happened to come across the unconscious Artel. Onakkit took the Jedi to his shuttle, planning to question him about the Republic's movements and to deliver him as a hostage to Count Dooku, leader of the Separatist movement.

As he was questioning Artel, however, the Akarak arrived in the system. A thousand or so clone troops descended, relieving the massively depleted city militia and decisively routing the enemy. Onakkit, unaware of these developments, was caught unawares by Mundi and was executed on the spot.


With the Separatist forces retreating, Artel handed power back to the Baron Administrator, who had only just survived the ordeal. Hyarkis invited the two Jedi, as well as Ballo and Artel's apprentice, Opa Choi, to his chambers where he commended them for their actions. He then proceeded to tell them of his choice to join the Separatists, claiming that his city was almost destroyed due to his lack of judgement. The Republic forces were commanded to leave the system as a droid contingent arrived in their place.

Leaving the system, Artel predicted that there would be more fighting to come in the Atairis System. It is unknown whether any further battles did take place in that sector.


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