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It all began so sudden...
Exhart Martineus.

The battle of Arcoha was the skirmish that initiated the devastating galactic conflict known as the Second Clone Wars, being the first and most major battle in the war. Taking place on the Mid Rim planet of Arcoha, the battle dated on early 57 ABY, later ending on the same day, and was fought between the Galactic RepublicGalactic Federal Society and the Dark Empire.

At first, the Galactic Senate held an essential conference in their temporary Senate Chamber on Arcoha. Halfway through, the base was suddenly assaulted by an increasing number of thousands of enemy starships, fighters, and bombers.

Apparently, an informant gave away the result of the meeting to the Galactic Federal Society, who instantly sent out an entire navy fleet to begin the war themselves. Traitors of the Society simultaneously informed the Dark Empire of their assault, forcing them to also send numerous ships and destroyers to eradicate both forces.

In the midst of the battle, evacuation starships carried the ministers away from the base in an escape attempt, but were destroyed by arriving Imperial forces, their ships began dotting the sky. They tore down the base and gunned down Society troops as they landed.


Arcoha was a remote planet in the Mid Rim. Filled with natural resources and a barren desert, it was targeted by the Galactic Republic as its main military headquarters. They planned for building numerous facilities all over the surface of the planet. Engineers began the project in early 54 ABY, evacuating the planet from any living species to ensure their survival on a much safer planet.

Once the headquarters and facilities on Arcoha were finished being built, military personnel began filling the place, guarding every single building necessary. Defensive ministers began holding conferences on the planet's most remote headquarters in a building located in the middle of the desert.

In 57 ABY, the final, most essential conference was adjourned for finally deciding on waging a war with the Federal Society. After hours of debate, all ministers present agreed on one decision: that is, assaulting the Society's community to start the war.

Traitors of the Republic informed the Society on the final result of the important conference. The Society built up an entire fleet and stormed Arcoha to begin the war themselves. On their way, informants in the Society gave away much of the knowledge needed to the Dark Empire. Imperial forces began heading towards the same planet targeted by the Society.


Warning! Society starships arriving. Get the ministers outta here! All clones, be on guard! Evacuate every civilian present.
ARC-25 made an announcement throughout the base, right after the alarm was turned on, upon spotting enemy vessels.

As members of The Republic have reached an agreement to start the war, a huge fleet of battleships of The Society have already begun to fly to the planet, Arcoha. On the way, The Society spacecrafts were spotted by patrolling spaceships of The Empire who were then informed by a traitor in The Society, who was paid a fortune by The Empire to become their informant, about The Society's destination and about the meeting. The Society's battleships split into two groups, one part will battle The Republic in the sky and the other assaults the base on the ground. The Society's main spaceship dispatched a smaller spaceship to rain down the attacks on the ground. They started shooting at The Republic's base repeatedly and quickly deployed ground troops to kill the clone troopers and spacecrafts to destroy the base. The Society also fired missiles towards the base and the missiles incinerated and killed a lot of clone troopers. The Republic started to evacuate their base in order to fight back on a later time. Soon, The Empire's fleet had arrived. They fired onto The Society's spaceships and shot then killed a lot of their ground troops. The Society tried to fight back, but got only little good results. This actually gave more time for the Republic to continue evacuating the base as the two factions kept fighting each other.

NO! Damn it, they blew 'em up. Ministers are dead.
—A random clone trooper.

The Republic ministers who survived boarded evacuation ships to try and escape the chaos. Unfortunately, when their ships were starting to fly off the ground, The Empire's battle droids spotted then shot them down by blasting near-colossal electric energy orbs towards them using bio-energy cannons, and the ministers on board were all killed. The clone troopers were then ordered to destroy the battle droids on the ground but were attacked by The Society's ground troops. The Society shot down most of The Empire's spacecrafts and blew up a lot of droids. The clone troopers managed to kill all of the ground troops very quickly. And the clones continued to shoot and destroy the battle droids. The base was finally fully evacuated, although it was already terribly damaged. Without wasting time, The Society dispatched more ground troops to kill the clone troopers. So did The Empire, that deployed more battle droids to kill the clones and ground troops. Clone tanks finally appeared and started to attack the enemy forces while protecting their comrades. Due to the tanks being too strong for their ground troops to advance, The Society then dispatched kamikaze teams to flank the clones and destroy the tanks. Although they've failed to flank the clones, the kamikaze teams were still able to destroy The Republic's armor. The clone troopers lined up horizontally and made up a line of defense which was to defend the base and perhaps what was left of it. With their artillery completely destroyed, the clone troopers were starting to lose hope.

We're dead meat."
Don't think so, brother. Look over there.

—AFT-21 and ARC-25, before Republic reinforcements arrived.

Being eliminated slowly by the enemies, the remaining clone troopers kept on fighting, believing that they would've died and that they could at least die in honor. Suddenly, after all the hours they've all fought, when all hopes seemed lost for the remaining clone troopers, reinforcements of The Republic arrived and assisted the clone troopers in the battle. The Republic crafts destroyed the enemies' spaceships.The arrival of the reinforcements shocked the clones as they never got the time to call for support because their radios were jammed and radio officers were all killed. Actually, they've forgotten about the ships, that managed to escape, then signalled The Republic for help. The arrival of The Republic reinforcements to assist the clone troopers to fight back and advance also shocked The Society who then thought to retreat and they did so whereas The Empire stood up and held their position. But, halfway to their awating ship, The Society was assaulted by The Empire's spacecrafts and their entire army were horribly crushed. Being interrupted by The Republic, The Empire stopped killing The Society troopers and focused on battling The Republic instead. The Society then had no choice but to launch a full-scale retreation and they left the planet. The Empire, not giving up, still battled The Republic, while their own soldiers were decreasing. Finally, a huge Republic battle crusader arrived and destroyed most of the remaining Empire units and troopers. The Empire then stopped and, without wasting time, finally decided it would be wiser if they've leaved. So The Empire left the planet in order to save their remaining troops. The Republic have finally won the battle without even losing the planet, Arcoha, to the hands of their enemies and then celebrated their victory over the battle even though they've lost so many troops during their first day of the war.


The great battle over Arcoha resulted in a huge number of deaths between all sides involved. Although due to winning, The Republic still enjoyed their first victory in the war even though they were also sad because of their great loss of army. By losing, both The Society and The Empire lost many supplies, weaponry and armored vehicles which caused a decreasing of their profits, disabling them to either fix or upgrade their arsenal. As the planet was terribly devastated by the battle, plants, trees and wildlife living on the face of Arcoha were partly annihilated. The Republic have become more strategic for their defense after this scarring event.

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