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To your battle stations! Remain a long distance from their guns, and prepare the Acclamators
Admiral Wessex to his officers on the Crimson Nebula 

The Battle of Antaver, otherwise known as The Liberation of Antaver, was a space battle that took place over Chrisur 2 , for Republic forces to send reinforcements to the ground battle in Antaver. Lasting two hours, the task force known as Paragon Fleet, commanded by Admiral Wessex, whom had fought the Confederacy Of Independent Systems' own task force, led by TT-820 and TYX-139, both tactical droids.


After the invasion of CIS forces, many pro-Republic people flocked to Antaver, due to the high number of pro-Separatist populations in other city states. Due to Antaver's allegiance to the Galactic Republic, it was the base of operations for General Occorona, the leader of the broken Chrisur 2 defense army, which was the last of loyaltists. With the task of sending support, aid, and weapons to the city of Antaver, Admiral Wessex had to first crush the blockade of the planet, which was made up of many heavily armed frigates and dreadnoughts. 

Order of battle

At 10:00 A.M., morning, Paragon Fleet had hyperspaced to the blockade from Naboo, staying out of the orbit of Chrisur 2. The response from the CIS was to send two Providence-class Dreadnoughts and five Munificent-class Star Frigates to the threat, with their starfighters, led by TYX-139.  The Republic has begun to release it's many [http:// https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/V-19_Torrent_starfighter V-19 Torrents and ARC-170s,  from their five Venator-class Star Destroyers,  calling this battlefront "Zone One."

As soon as the Republic ships engaged the detachment, the four escorting Arquitens-class Light Cruisers and behind three Acclamator-class Assualt Ships were flying towards the blockade, with some escorting starfighters and 308 LAAT/i's and 3 LAAT/c's, fully loaded with clone troopers and AT-TEs. This force was flying towards the defending CIS forces of a Providence-class Dreadnought and two Munificent-class Star Frigates, including a single DH-Omni Support Vessel which had been overhead Antaver, naming this skirmish "Zone Two."  

As the Acclamators and Arquitens charged to the planet, focusing fire on the one Providence Dreadnought, the CIS fleet there had fired upon the ships as well, knocking out two Arquitens and greatly damaging an Acclamator in the first half hour. The Providence Dreadnought had been badly hit, crumbling but still operational. The damaged Acclamator had emergency landed on Lake Peo Luwin , while one went towards Antaver, and the last towards San Liceon. The Arquitens had flew towards San Liceon.

After an hour of fighting, Zone One had been littered of destroyed Republic and Separatist starfighters, including three Venators, a Providence Dreadnought, and three Munificent Star Frigates. As the battle at this zone seemed to be on the CIS's side, TT-820, leading the battle, ordered his ships to withdraw, fearing losing the planet, due to the successful Republic blockade run done by Zone Two forces. As he retreated back to Chrisur 2, Republic Venators had begun to chase after the ships, releasing their last LAATs to resupply landing zones, knocking out another frigate. Once TT-820's forces met up with TYX-139's scattered forces, the Venators had used their long range capabilities to fire upon CIS ships attacking Acclamators and Arquitens. The CIS begun regrouping, to finish off the last two Star Destroyers.

The last 40 minutes of the battle had been in the atmosphere of Chrisur 2. As Munificent Star Frigates were ordered to engage the flying Acclamators, a duel between two Providence-class Dreadnoughts and two Venator-class Star Destroyers begun.  As starfighters bombed, turbolasers shot gigatons, and shields drained, the victor had been the Republic, taking heavy damage, yet destroying both CIS ships. When both TYX-139 and TT-820 were destroyed, the three remaining Star Frigates began to fly towards the Venators to finish them off, but in just the nick of time, reinforcements made out of three Venator-class Star Destroyers had appeared out of hyperspace. CIS ships had ordered a retreat and hyperspaced to Agamer, joining General Kalani's  forces, yet left droid ground forces. Remaining droid forces that weren't under attack by the Republic, went towards the fortress city of Itagen, including the stuck Vulture and Tri-Fighter droids. 


After the events of the space battle, many cities of Chrisur 2 had been abandoned by Separatists Armies, with their supporters following them. All of the forces moved to Itagen's population had increased from 90,000 to 824,000 in a matter of weeks, continuing until Republic forces took over the city. While the cities were being conquered, a new pro-Republic government was re-established, and began regrowth measures drastically, which built up the cities once more, but increasing corruption in the process. Lake Peo Luwin had been called "Lake Acclamator" by Chrisur 2 citizens, after the landed ship had been on the lake for a week.

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