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We've cleared the central plaza, moving to . . . wait, you hear that?
—Alliance officer

The Battle of Andijan was an assault by the Imperial Loyalists and their Galactic Federation of Free Alliances allies on a stronghold of the Imperial Nationalists on the planet of Andijan in 39 ABY during the Imperial Crisis. After learning that Nationalist leader Vladimir Makarov was hiding there, Colonel Jagged Fel of the Loyalists, with Jedi Master Kyp Durron of the Alliance, led some 250,000 troops to the planet with a fleet of Galactic Alliance Navy MC80C Star Cruisers. Makarov purposely let them get the information on his whereabouts, unknown to them, and had a large amount of explosives planted throughout the city that he was thought to be hiding in. After the Alliance forces fought their way into the centre of the city, Makarov set off the bombs from a nearby mountain, killing everyone in there. It was the highest loss of life seen by the Alliance in a single battle.

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