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The Battle of Almak was a battle occurred in 2 ABY.

Arena Battle

After when Han Solo and Luke Skywalker got captured by Akmakians, they have got sent to the execution with Lando Calrissian, the Almakian Plaguer the Leader sent out the Terror, Anooba and Bantha to execute them, Luke dodged the Banta attack, Han managed to dodge the Anooba attack, Lando freed himself from the cuffs and the evaded the Terror attack, Han climbed on the beam, the Anooba tried to get him, the beast bit Han in the arm but Han managed to knock off the beast and is arm is badly bleeding, Nazzith Groustick desperately forced Jagger Sel to stop Han but Emperor Palpatine told him to settle down, Luke managed to tame Bantha with the chain after he was been dragged on the ground by a fleeing Bantha, he killed the Anooba with it, as Han jumped on to the Bantha, he yelled at it to charge but got surrounded by the by the army of Imperial spider droids, Lando hit the Almakian with the spear until it got stabbed by the Terror's claw, Lando threw a spear at it in the back, the Terror pulled it out and snapped it and began to attack Lando, the Jedi Master Chad Windsor turned the lightsaber against Jagger, Palpatine claimed that his Jedi army will fail this battle but the Jedi army came and attacked the Almakian and Stormtrooper army, the Super Stormtroopers opened fire at Chad but has evaded them, Jagger nearly burnt his cloak, the army of Almakian Stormtroopers were sent for the battle, one Stormtrooper cyborg head got attached to Luke Skywalker's slave droid PT-10 body, Han was mounted on the carriage pulled by a Dewback and shot down, 5 stormtroopers, 3 Almakians and 1 Super Stormtrooper, the spider droid shot Dewback to death in the attempt to kill Han Solo, the Jedi knight Gerald Baron gave a brown colored lightsaber and gave Lando an green static electro staff, the Aqualish Jedi Trevor Malaks came to battle Palpatine but he got killed by four blaster fires from Jagger Sel since the Jedi deflected three laser shots, Luke sliced through the Stormtrooper army, Jagger Sel came to kill Chad, although the Bantha became wild and it was running after Chad but he has cut off the Bantha's horn, Chad used the force pull to retrieve his lightsaber as Jagger attempted to steal it, the Bantha then attacked Jagger and damaged his jetpack, the Bantha then charged again to Jagger and knocked out a stormtrooper until Jagger shot it to death and dodged it, Jagger then fired at Chad, which he managed to deflect the laser shots and cut off Jagger's headas it flew away leaving his helmet behind, Jagger's son Bobby Sel mourned about it, Luke evaded the attack from the Almakian cannon and came to stay cover from the attack in the carriage, Han shot the Super Stormtrooper four times as it survived, Luke claimed that the Jedi Padawan Shirly Clasher should have taken a shot to Han, the Terror confronted Lando again, Lando cut off the claws and stabbed it to death with the electro shaft, the PT-10 with the stormtroopers mistakenly said "Die Jedi Swines" and accidentally opened fire at the Dorin Jedi Master Fist Fury which enraged the Jedi and force pushed PT-10, Luke Skywalker's green astromech droid R3-F3 pulled out PT-10's head off the Stormtrooper's cyborg body, the Stormtrooper cyborg head got knocked off PT-10's body, R3 reattached PT-10's head to his body where he was back to normal, the Super Stormtrooper opened fired until it stopped as the battle stopped, Palpatine ordered the Super Stormtroopers to open fire but the squad of Rebellion gunships attacked the Stormtrooper army, the Yoda's species Jedi Master Yarrel ordered the Rebel Troopers to rescue the survivors of the battle, the troopers then opened fire on the Stormtrooper army and saved the survivors on their gunships, Han, Lando and Luke got onboard and fled away from the arena as PT-10 and R3 remained in the arena as Bobby made a farewell with his dead father with the helmet.

Desert Battle

After the survivors fled away from the arena, Luke called out the Rebel pilot to fire the missiles at the generator, Lando graduated him for the call out, Lando then called the Rebel pilots to fire the missiles at the Imperial comet ships, as they have entered the battle field, the clawdite Jedi Master Norman Gorm had his gunship shot down by an unknown enemy fire, although Norman was able to survive from the destruction of his gunship until he was shot down by the Stormtrooper army, the Gunships were able to evade the enemy fire from the Imperial All Terrian Homing Droid Walkers, the Imperial DSD2 scorpion droids joined in the battle, the Rebel Troopers have reported that the process of their SP-TE is complete to Yarrel, one Stormtrooper trench got destroyed by the missile from the Rebel gunship, the groups of AT-ST walkers confronted the squad of Rebel AT-SE hover tanks, one of them got damaged by the laser fire from the AT-ST, the female Jedi Master Elizabeth Alshada confronted Darth Vader holding the Royal Guard electro pike, they battled each other until Vader stabbed the Jedi to death. Plaguer gave Palpatine a design of the Terminator Sphere, Nazzith said that the Imperial Army is not going well in the battle, Lando's gunship fired at and destroyed the AT-HD droid walkers, XR-85 tank droids, and AT-ST walkers and fired missiles at two of the walkers and the army of stormtroopers and Super Stormtroopers, the Imperial comet ships started to flee away, Yarrel ordered the Rebel Troopers to concentrate in all fire on the nearest starship in the Self Propelled Tactical Enforcer hover tanks, the Rebel Trooper successfully disabled the comet ship as it crashed to the ground causing the enormous sandstorm, millions of Rebel Troopers have shot down millions of Stormtroopers including the Super Stormtroopers in the middle of the sandstorm, Darth Vader fled away on his new TIE Fighter named the Tenacious One, the Imperials forces have fled away on the Imperial Shuttle, the Almakians are sent to the TIE Interceptors as Palpatine fled away on his speeder, Lando's gunship pursued the them, the pilot said that he was out of rockets, the Almakians drove the TIE Interceptors behind the gunship and opened fire at it and which has knocked off Han and the random Rebel Trooper off the ship, Lando and Luke argued for a short while as the Gunship based in the building where Palpatine has stopped, Lando and Luke managed to flee away, the Almakians' TIE Interceptors easily destroyed the Rebel gunship, the two TIE Interceptors were presumably shot down by the other Rebel gunship.

Duel with Emperor Palpatine

As Lando and Luke confronted Palpatine, Luke charged to Palpatine but Palpatine shot the force lightning at him to the wall, Lando managed to block Palpatine's lightning power with his electro shaft, Palpatine sent out his second red lightsaber and dueled Lando, Palpatine incapacitated him, Luke was able to get up, he dueled Palpatine as Lando gave him his sliced electro shaft, Palpatine sliced off his shoulder and force-pushed him to the wall, Yarel came to have a duel with Palpatine, meanwhile in the desert, Han Solo got saved by a random Rebel Trooper and were saved by the other Rebel Gunship, Palpatine has stopped dueling and used the force to crush Lando and Luke with support beams but Yarrel has stopped them, Palpatine has escaped on his solar flyer, Han and his Rebel Trooper fired at it in the attempt to stop Palpatine but had failed, Han took Luke to have him stitched.

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