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The Battle of Allanteen was an engagement of the New Sith Wars. What began as an attempt to distract the Sith from a rogue Jedi attempt to assassinate Vedya Gasald expanded into a massive battle for control of the Coreward Corellian Run at Allanteen Six.


After the Battle of Eriadu, Gasald's forces reigned essentially unchecked over much of the southern galaxy, and Gasald was positioned to continue her assault on the Core by taking either Denon or the Tapani sector. Supreme Chancellor Nulu Thini planned to respond by fortifying Denon, taking and fortifying Chardaan, and resisting Gasald there. Unsatisfied with this plan, a group of Jedi led by Tirien Kal-Di began to plan a direct strike against Gasald.

Tirien contacted Argus Z'dar for help, but though Z'dar was sympathetic, he claimed to be unable to help. When the mission launched, Tirien apprised Z'dar, as well as Jedi High Council Master Kussam Bnodd, who was warring against Gasald on other fronts. Raven Kaivalt was part of the strike team, but his sister Raina was not. Desperate to protect her brother, she first asked Vice Admiral Saikra Vaskolt to bring Milagro's defensive fleet to Allanteen; when Vaskolt refused, Raina instead asked Mali Darakhan to intercede with Commodore Essely Kalliot, who commanded a Corellian Defense Force component of Milagro's fleet. Having happened upon a similar notion, Raina's father, Baron Miklato Kaivalt, contacted Baron Obveluus Gonzed IV on Milagro with the same request.

Distraction to Debacle

Wary of a leak among the Tapani, Z'dar had misled Tirien: he had always intended to provide aid to the mission, and after Jarkun'eir'saikal rendezvoused with the strike team, Z'dar led his fleet to Allanteen. Though vastly outnumbered by Gasald's fleet, Z'dar hoped to provide a distraction by harassing the picket line, just out of range of Gasald's interdictor cruisers. Darth Kra'all despised waiting and watching the battle from afar, and moved the entire fleet to engage.

Master Bnodd, Commodore Kalliot, and Baron Obveluus all responded to the petitions for aid, and their forces decanted in rapid succession at Allanteen, turning the engagement into a full-scale battle. The Sith forces, arrayed to defeat only Z'dar's skirmishers, were spread improperly for battle, but the pro-Republic forces initially suffered from lack of a defined command structure. The relatively even engagement swayed to the Republic side, however, when the Kiss of Death was destroyed by collisions with other ships.

Much of Gasald's command and control structure had been centralized on her flagship, and chaos ensued as various line admirals attempted to assume command of the entire Sith fleet. In the confusion, the pro-Republic forces decimated the Sith picket line and its first line of battle; most of the ships not destroyed were captured. Facing the possibility of annihilation, the remaining Sith fled Allanteen.


The Republic asserted control over Allanteen Six, though it struggled to find adequate resources to defend its new gains. Chancellor Thini dispatched many of the forces marked for the Chardaan campaign to protect Allanteen.


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