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First Mission to Corellia (Galactic Civil War)

Battle in the Death Star I

Great Jedi Purge/Galactic Civil War




Death Star I


Sith victory

  • Darth Vader
  • A large amount of the Emperor's Shadow Guards
  • A large amount of Imperial Stormtroopers

The Battle in the Death Star I was a conflict during the Great Jedi Purge and Galactic Civil War, in which Darth Vader and Galen Marek, his former apprentice, dueled against one another on board Death Star I.

The BattleEdit

After the Rebel leaders were captured by Darth Vader for personal execution by Emperor Palpatine, Galen Marek and Juno Eclipse set out to rescue them. Juno Eclipse set down their ship, the Rogue Shadow, inside Death Star I, which was still under construction during the time. The former Sith apprentice fought his way into the Emperor's tower, proceeding deeper into the space station seeking the Rebel prisoners.

Duel with VaderEdit

Galen confronted the Sith, allowing the Rebels enough time to escape, and prompting Palpatine to order Vader to destroy him. Galen engaged Vader in a lightsaber duel.

The duel progressed into a carbon freezing chamber, where Galen gained the upper hand after striking Vader in the leg, and causing several pieces of the ceiling to fall on Vader. Vader, temporarily distracted, lost his helmet to Galen, who then picked him up using the force, and flung him through the window into Palpatine's chambers.

Palpatine's New ApprenticeEdit

After witnessing the defeat of Vader, Palpatine tried to tempt Galen into destroying his former master, and taking his position as apprentice to the Emperor. Kota attempts to put an immediate stop to this by stealing Palpatine's lightsaber, and attacks him. Palpatine struck Kota down with a furious barrage of Force lightning. Bail tried to tell Galen to help Kota, but Galen chooses to finish off Vader, avenging the murder of his father and the two betrayals on himself. After another long battle, Galen shoots Vader with force lightning, damaging him badly. Galen then threw Vader into walls, and strips Vader of his lightsaber as he did as a child and runs him through with it, killing the Dark Lord instantly.

Galen returns to the main platform, where the Emperor is standing over an injured Kota. He instructs the apprentice to kill Kota, giving himself to the dark side and fulfilling his destiny. Galen ignites his lightsaber, and strikes down his new mentor. Just after Galen kills Kota, Juno flies the Rogue Shadow in to rescue the senators, but Palpatine force grips it and hurls the Shadow away from the Emperor's tower. Now, with the deaths of Rahm Kota, Juno, and the senators, Galen knew there was no turning back, and pledged himself to become Palpatine's next apprentice. Palpatine named his new apprentice Darth Stalker and tasked him to hunt down the enemies of the Emperor.

Behind the scenesEdit

This ending is different from both the light and dark side ending from the Force Unleashed game. Since RaidenX is writing his own story of the Star Wars saga, he will let Galen Marek live his own life as a Sith apprentice instead of letting him sacrifice himself or become a cyborg.

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