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The Battle for the Death Star was a battle between what was left of the empire and the New CIS/GDE Navy. It was the final battle between the Empire and the New CIS.


The battle started when a fleet of Star Destroyers came for the Confederate Death Star. Among them was the Executrix, the 501st's personal Star Destroyer. Troyb and Darth Tyler meanwhile were inside the Confederate Death Star and sent out his entire fleet of ships and droid starfighters.

A battle ensued between the TIE Fighters and Droid starfighters as the Star Destroyers engaged the Confederate Death Star in battle. The Medal then arrived, and Darth Tyler arrived in a hyperspace shuttle soon after, eventually confronting Wilhuff Tarkin on the Executrix. Tarkin got away, but the Executrix was destroyed when it was sent on a collision course with the Damager, another Star Destroyer.

Troyb remained on the Death Star, destroying Super Star Destroyers and other Star Destroyers. He was in full command of the droid navy in this battle. After the Executrix was destroyed, he and Tyler celebrated by going to the Outlander Club on Coruscant. Tyler was not welcome there, and got into a fight with the bartender, whom he killed.

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