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</noinclude>The Battle for Muunilinst, also known as the Invasion of Muunilinst and Battle for Harnaidan, was a short-lived battle fought in 99 ABY during the Jedi/Imperial War on Muunilinst. It was the second battle of the Jedi/Imperial War, and would be the first battle that a Jedi Knight died during. The main objective of the New Galactic Empire was to gain control of the Banking Clan's headquarters in the city of Harnaidan, and most of their forces were sent there to achieve this goal. However, many other areas on Muunilinst were attacked by New Imperial forces as well. The battle itself lasted a little over half-an-hour, making it the shortest battle to take place during the Jedi/Imperial War.


Following the Battle for Felucia, the InterGalactic Banking Clan feared that the New Galactic Empire would attempt to attack the planet. Wishing to remain neutral during the war, the Muuns requested that the Jedi Order not place a blockade in the planets orbit. Due to this request, the Jedi High Council sent Handyr Kyja, a Togruta Jedi Knight, to the city of Harnaidan to assist the Muuns already established rebel forces. Kyja also brought 100 Jedi soldiers with him, and they immediately fortified the Banking Clan's headquarters to defend against enemy attackers.

Admiral Lei-co Shoval was ordered to stay on the New Imperial base on Hoth during the battle. Despite being on a separate planet, Shoval managed to lead the attack via hologram.

The Battle

With no blockade in Muunilinst's orbit, the New Galactic Empire immediately invaded the planets surface. Lieutenant Mark Callum led the New Imperial soldiers into battle in the city of Harnaidan, one of the primary cities the New Galactic Empire hoped to control. Severely outnumbered, the Muun rebels and Jedi soldiers were quickly defeated by the New Imperial soldiers. Kor Sphill, leader of the Muun rebellion, tackled Callum and they both tumbled down a large flight of stairs. When both men reached the bottom, Sphill continued his attack on Callum, punching him repeatedly. Callum eventually threw the Muun off of him before grabbing his blaster pistol and shooting him in the chest. Meanwhile, Kyja continued defending the headquarters against the New Empire on his own, as most of his soldiers and Muun rebels were killed in the battle. Kyja was eventually overwhelmed and gunned down by the massive army, causing Muunilinst and the Banking Clan to fall under the control of the New Galactic Empire.


Following the battle, the New Galactic Empire gained control of most of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, enabling Darth Katos to continue expanding his Empire financially, and eventually gain control of other Muun-inhabited planets such as Mygeeto and Scipio. Admiral Shoval would also begin to gain thousands of credits from the Banking Clan, which she would send to her family on Cerea and save for personal use.

Following the loss of Jedi Knight Handyr Kyja, the Jedi Order once again urged the New Republic Senate to join the Jedi/Imperial War, but Chancellor Kyrus continued to refuse intervention from the New Republic, claiming the war was a matter that the Jedi should deal with. The loss of the Banking Clan would serve as a massive financial loss for the New Republic, and would cause many senators to demand that the New Republic fight alongside the Jedi in the war.

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