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Civil War for Esseles

One Sith War



Major battles

Battle at Calamar

  • Esseles Loyalists
    • Ministry of Security
    • Ministry of History
    • Ministry of Diplomacy
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Pro-Esselian Imperialist Program
    • Ministry of War
    • Ministry of Labor and Commerce
  • One Sith Empire
  • Hidden Killik Hive
  • Esseles Nationalists
    • Ministry of Ideals
    • Ministry of Health
    • Ministry of Agriculture
    • Nationalists Military
  • Esselian Outer Goods Program
    • Ministry of Science
    • Ministry of Trade
  • Red Phantom
  • Esseles UnderWorld

The Esseles Civil War was a smaller war on Esseles that went on during the One Sith War.


At the start of the One Sith War, Tarc Belgiin took over as governor of Esseles. One year later, Belgiin was secretly assassinated by an Imperial Agent from the Empire's intelligence agency. This led to the governor's vice-governor, Belg Malin, to become the new governor. At this time Esselian Imperialists began attack government property. The Empire took advantage of this and began supporting the Imperialists. After this, the Galactic Alliance and Red Phantom Reborn made allies with some of the secretaries, while other secretaries tried to make Esseles independent. With the planet in all out war, Malin made Esseles independent and decided to pass the planet's rulership to someone he felt was worthy. Both the Alliance and Red Phantom tried to sway the governor. The Empire saw this as a threat to its plans and took the same strategy.


As civil war broke out, each secretary became "mini-governors" of their own land. While the Empire show power military strength by conquering parts of Esseles with hidden Killik hive that land there by mistake thousands of years before, the Alliance and Red Phantom gained respect from the governor other ways. The Alliance used respectable valus and diplomacy to make allies, while Red Phantom used bribery, threats, and shifting economics to get their way. The Esseles Nationalists first used diplomacy to earn support, but then attacked the governor directly after gaining a large army. The Empire later used Joiner Imperials with some independence to make an alliance with the hive, giving the Empire even more power. At one point, the leader of the Nationalist's force took the governor office by force until he was defeated by an imperial strike force. This led the governor to favor the Imperialist forces. As Imperial victory looked for certan, the Alliance found evidice for the Empire's assassination of Belgiin and exsposed them. This gave all favor of Malin to the Alliance and the Loyalist, destroying all change for Esseles to be independent or under Imperial or Red Phantom control, however the Secretary of War and his Imperial allies still held a small plot of land, while all of Red Phantom Reborn's forces were destroyed. With Malin's favor, the Secretary of Security became the new governor, while keeping the Secretary of History and the Secretary of Diplomacy in office for joining with his forces.

Combatants and Factions

The Governer and Forces

As civil war broke out, Governor Malin favor for who would become governor constantly shifted, depending on which side was doing the best in both the war for land, as well as the war to rebuild the planet, the economy, and the moral of the people. While Malin favored democracy, had noted that Empires were usually well at building and using armys, and it was popular with some of the people, make the chose even thougher. those who stayed loyal to him was the Ministry of the Treasury and the Ministry of Justice.

Imperial Force

One Sith Empire

Ministry of War

Ministry of Labor and Commerce

Hidden Killik Hive

Loyalist Force

Galactic Alliance

Ministry of Security

Ministry of History

Ministry of Diplomacy

Nationalists Force

Ministry of Ideals

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Agriculture

Nationalists Military

Outer Goods Force

Red Phantom

Esseles UnderWorld

Ministry of Trade

Ministry of Science

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